Looking Back

Another week has passed and we once again released a lot of content, which is definitely worth checking out! Our highlights include reviews of luxury hotels, amazing city experiences and much more!

The first post of the week features an amazing city: Top things to do and see in Cape Town!

Cape Town Cableway

One of the best lounge experiences ever! Learn more about the Thai Royal First Lounge Bangkok!

Thai Royal First Lounge Bangkok D Washrooms

Something else you shouldn’t miss in your life is visiting the Acropolis!

Erechtheum Acropolis Athens

Dreaming of new and amazing properties. Time to learn more about Four Seasons Seoul!

Four Seasons Seoul Studio Suite

(Image Source: Four Seasons Seoul /

Sports and athletics in a beautiful setting: Running in Barcelona!

Temple of Sacred Heart of Jesus

Getting around in London can be challenging. With our guide, you’ll have an easier time!

Bus London

One of the most special experiences ever deserves a special post!

Etihad First Class Snack

As we are always looking for new and exciting properties, we have to present Cape Grace Cape Town!

Cape Grace Cape Town Superior Room

(Image Source: Cape Grace Cape Town /

A very good value for the money in Rotterdam. Our review of Hilton Rotterdam!

Hilton Rotterdam Executive Lounge

Average at best, but at the same time the only lounge. Our review of Sala VIP Montana Roja Tenerife!

Buffet Sala VIP Galdos Gran Canaria

Last but not least, it’s time for our photo of the week!

Lightshow Bern


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