Port Elizabeth: Top things to do and see

Port Elizabeth is a city in South Africa which is definitely worth visiting, but has many facades at the same time. However, we didn’t know anything about Port Elizabeth in advance as hardly any information is available online. So, here are our top things to do and see in Port Elizabeth!

  1. Follow the Donkin Heritage Trail

The Donkin Heritage Trail is a route through Port Elizabeth which leads you past the most important, significant or simply beautiful buildings of the city.

Brochure Donkin Heritage Trail

You will get this brochure in the tourist information center located on the Donkin Reserve.

  1. Donkin Reserve, Pyramid and Lighthouse

Basically the area around the tourist information center is worth seeing itself!

Donkin Reserve, Pyramid and Lighthouse Port Elizabeth

When it comes to the Lighthouse, this one dates back to the middle of the 19th century.

  1. Donkin Street Houses Port Elizabeth

Being a row of terraced houses, the Donkin Street Houses are a single unit even though the buildings are disparate.

Donkin Street Houses Port Elizabeth

As this style is so special, they have been declared as a National Monument in 1967.

  1. Spot Port Elizabeth’s churches

Holy Trinity Anglican Church has been rebuilt after it burned down.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Port Elizabeth

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Port Elizabeth

The Hill Presbyterian Church Port Elizabeth

The Hill Presbyterian Church Port Elizabeth

Another one worth admiring is the Hill Presbyterian Church!

  1. Holy Rosary Convent Port Elizabeth

Firstly, the Holy Rosary Convent served as a school back in 1870.

Holy Rosary Convent Port Elizabeth

Thus, more a catholic school than a real convent. Nevertheless, interesting!

  1. Conquer Fort Frederick Port Elizabeth

Fort Frederick contains of possibilities to defend Port Elizabeth, being located on a hill so that the bay could be overlooked.

Fort Frederick Port Elizabeth

Reason is that the British were afraid of the French landing in Port Elizabeth back in time.

  1. Settler Houses on Castle Hill

On our way of discovery, we stumbled upon some historical settler houses.

Alfred Terrace Street Port Elizabeth

Fact is that they are private property which is good as the owners care for maintenance.

  1. Main Library Port Elizabeth

I’m not suggesting you to go inside, but rather hold on for a second to admire the special style of architecture!

Main Library Port Elizabeth

It was designed and manufactured in England before it was sent to Port Elizabeth. After its opening in 1902, it got extensively restored in 1989.

  1. Queen Victoria Statue

In 1903, a statue of Queen Victoria has been erected right next to the Main Library.

Covered Queen Victoria Statue Port Elizabeth

However, I still have absolutely no idea how the statue looks like as it was covered when we visited..

  1. Town Hall Port Elizabeth

After Port Elizabeth was granted Borough status in 1860, the City Hall was built.

City Hall Port Elizabeth

Formerly, it was a Council Chamber and serving as offices for city council employees until 1973.

These are the most important and beautiful things worth seeing. But if I can give you one good advice: Definitely avoid the Railway Station.


More about Port Elizabeth can be found on our city page!



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