Airline Review: Aegean Airlines (regional Economy)

Aegean Airlines is not only the Greek national carrier, but also the winner of the Skytrax World Airline Awards in the category „best regional airline in Europe“. On our way to Thessaloniki, we had the pleasure to give the Aegean Airlines regional Economy Class a try on a return flight from Berlin to Athens. Even though the flights are not very long, the services offered are actually quite good.

Check out our rating of Aegean Airlines (regional Economy)!

The Aegean Airlines regional Economy is definitely one of the better products on the European market.

  • Airplane: Airbus A320
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning / Noon
  • Food: Breakfast / Lunch
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18,5 Inch (47 Centimeter)

Even though Aegean is not a very big carrier, they actually offer flights to several different cities from its biggest hubs in Athens and Thessaloniki. All flights directly operated by Aegean Airlines are operated by airplanes of the Airbus A320 family, which is including the Airbus A319 and the A321.

Aegean Airlines

At Athens Airport, you can see several Aegean airplanes

We flew with an Airbus A320 in both directions and also enjoyed the Exit Row of the airplane.

Seating in the Aegean Airlines regional Economy

Aegean Airlines got the typical 3-3 configuration in the regional Economy Class in all its planes.

Aegean Airlines Seating

Seating in the Aegean Airlines regional Economy Class

The seats themselves are modern slim line seats which I found to be more comfortable than you may expect at first.

Aegean Airlines Seating

The seats are more comfortable than they look

The seat width is decent, but the seat feels a little short which adds additional leg room, but makes seating a little less comfortable.

Talking about the seat pitch: it is decent in the “normal” Economy Class and very good in the Exit Row. You can easily stretch out in this one and though got a lot of leg room.

Aegean Airlines Seating

Seat Pitch in the Exit Row of the Aegean A320

Something worth mentioning very positively at this point is that the planes were extremely clean on both of our flights. Something we hardly mention in airline reviews as no other airline really stood out positively in this regard so far.

Food in the Aegean Airlines regional Economy

Another thing which is worth mentioning in this airline review is the food served on regional flights of Aegean Airlines.

Aegean Airlines Catering

Prior departure, you are offered sweets

While most airlines are trying to cost-cut as much as possible when it comes to food, you still get a full meal in the Aegean Airlines regional Economy.

Aegean Airlines Catering

Lunch in the Aegean Airlines regional Economy

On our noon flight from Berlin to Athens, we got a tray with a warm roll, a warm main (potatoes with some meat), crackers with cream cheese and two cookies.

Aegean Airlines Catering

Breakfast in the Aegean Airlines regional Economy

On the flight back, we got breakfast which consisted of some kind of a hot savory bread roll as a main, another roll with butter and marmelade as a side and last but not least a Greek yoghurt.

On both flights, we also enjoyed three rounds of drinks. Flying in the Aegean Airlines regional Economy, you are able to order as many drinks as you like.

Entertainment in the Aegean Airlines regional Economy

What’s definitely not outstanding when flying with Aegean Airlines are the entertainment options. None of the Aegean Airlines planes is equipped with Wi-Fi which means that you rely to “old media”. That said, there are some overhead monitors, but these rarely show anything other than advertising for Greece.

There’s also a board magazine with a strong focus on Greece, but with some useful and interesting information. Sadly, we were neither to choose nor were we asked for newspapers or magazines once. This means that to stay entertained, you definitely have to bring some stuff yourself.

Bottom line Aegean Airlines regional Economy

I’m rather critical when it comes to Skytrax rankings as I don’t really find the winners to be better than other airlines.

Aegean Airlines View

Flying over Greece, you can usually enjoy lovely views

Talking of Aegean Airlines, I have to say that the award is truly deserved. The Aegean Airlines regional Economy is absolutely okay when it comes to seating and good when it comes to sitting in the Exit Row. The food is actually outstanding compared to other European airlines we reviewed in the past. Only entertainment is a bit lackluster.

All this in combination with very friendly and helpful staff makes me to end this airline review with a positive conclusion. I’d definitely fly the Aegean Airlines regional Economy Class again. Indeed, I will in just a few months and definitely don’t regret that I’ve already booked another flight with the Greek national carrier.

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