Hotel Review: Okura Prestige Bangkok

Okura Prestige Bangkok is known as one of the best hotels in the city. The rather new luxury property of the Okura hotel chain is located just steps away from a BTS station and close to several shopping centers. However, what’s even more amazing is the swimming pool with stunning views of the city. Surely, several other things are great, too. Yet, we were not totally happy about everything at Okura Prestige Bangkok.

Staying at Okura Prestige Bangkok was something we were truly looking forward to.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Premier Club Room
  • Month of Stay: November

As the hotel is one of the best rated properties in Bangkok, we had really high expectations. As a Leaders Club Unlimited member, I usually also receive a very good treatment in member hotels.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Welcome Treatment

Welcome Treatment at Okura Prestige Bangkok

After an extremly stressful journey with several problems, we arrived at Okura Prestige Bangkok late in the evening and were greeted by a doorman, who brought us up to the lobby, which is actually located several floors about ground.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Welcome Treatment

This lovely welcome gift awaited us in our room

After an efficient check-in, we were shown to our room, which was a Deluxe Room.

Premier Club Room at Okura Prestige Bangkok

While I’m actually used to better upgrades at Asian hotels, I didn’t bother to say anything as the Premier Club Room at Okura Prestige Bangkok was very nice.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Premier Club Room

The ultra comfortable bed at Okura Prestige Bangkok

When entering, there was the extremly spacious bathroom to the left and a wardrobe to the right.

Following the way into the room, there was a large working table.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Premier Club Room

The large working table is something I’d love to see in more hotels

The amazing thing about this working table was the fact that you could actually use it from both sides, which made it perfect for working for two people at the same time.

To the left of the working table, the King Bed, which looked (and was) extremly comfortable awaited us. There was also kind of a lounge, which was also quite comfortable. Worth mentioning are the floor-to-ceiling windows, which make the room very bright at daytime. However, you can easily get the room totally dark at night.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Premier Club Room

View out of our room

What we loved about the start of our experience at Okura Prestige Bangkok was the welcome treatment, which not only consisted of some sweets and some fruits, but also of a little teddy, which now lives in our appartement and holds the name „Okura“.

What’s also worth mentioning is the fact that there was a pyjama waiting for me on the bed, which I never experienced in any hotel before. There was none for Sabrina, but as it appeared, the room was prepared for just a single person anyway.

Bathroom of the Premier Club Room

The ultra modern bathroom of the Premier Club Room at Okura Prestige Bangkok is something else we totally adored.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Premier Club Room

One of the most amazing bathrooms I’ve ever seen at a hotel

The bathroom was not only very spacious, but also extremly luxurious. While there was just a single sink, there was an extensive area with a very nice rain shower and a deep soaking tub.

To the left of the „wet area“, we found the seperated toilet. This one was one of the highlights of the room at Okura Prestige Bangkok as it was one of these fancy and heated Japanese toilets, which make the experience a very special one.

The amenities by Aromatherapy surely were a very nice touch as well!

Gym & Pool at Okura Prestige Bangkok

One of the highlights of Okura Prestige Bangkok is the pool, which is located on one of the highest floors and offers stunning views of Bangkok.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Pool

The views from the pool level could hardly be any better

The pool is especially known for the fact that you can literally swim „into“ the metropolis, which is truly amazing. Besides, the pool is rather average as it is not very large, but at least has a good temperature.

There’s a decent number of comfortable lounges around and also a pool bar where you can order (overpriced) snacks and drinks.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Pool

You can also relax after having a refreshing swim

The gym is located right next to the pool and has views of the pool and the city.

While not very big, there’s a good choice of different cardio and strength machines. All of these are very modern.

Breakfast at Okura Prestige Bangkok

Breakfast is a very special point in our review of Okura Prestige Bangkok. We had breakfast in either of the restaurants (there’s Japanse and European breakfast served in two different restaurants) included.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Breakfast

Our alternative breakfast at Okura Prestige Bangkok

Yet, we overslept after our stressful journey and so missed breakfast. Sadly, the hotel was rather unflexible with this issue and so it took us 15 minutes of discussion to at least get something breakfast like in our room.

While I didn’t really get why it was not possible to serve any kind of breakfast after 10:30 am in the room, we were just fine with ordering two lunch dishes with some coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and some coconut juice (this one was especially amazing).

Okura Prestige Bangkok Breakfast

The coconut juice was truly amazing

While this breakfast was not ordinary, it was actually quite a nice experience.

Afternoon Tea & Dinner at Okura Prestige Bangkok

We also ordered room service the evening of our arrival as we were just too tired to leave the hotel again. We decided to just have a green curry together. While the curry was of the highest quality and tasted very good, it was just extremly spicy.

Sabrina had real problems to eat any of this. Afternoon Tea, which was included in our booking through Leaders Club, was a better choice for Sabrina in this choice.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Afternoon Tea

Menu of the Afternoon Tea at Okura Prestige

When we enjoyed the Afternoon Tea the next afternoon, I was shocked by the missing flexibility of the staff at Okura Prestige Bangkok.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at Okura Prestige Bangkok

There are two different Afternoon Teas on offer (with the same price tag) we were denied the possibility to take one „normal“ Afternoon Tea and one Christmas Edition. Instead we were served the Christmas Edition twice.

Something that’s cool is the fact that you may not only have tea, but also some fancy Iced Teas or other special drinks with the food. The latter was creative and tasted very good, so nothing to criticize in this regard.

Bottom line Okura Prestige Bangkok

We expected a lot of Okura Prestige Bangkok and were not disappointed. The rooms are amazingly modern and offer a lot of space to stretch out. The pool is absolutely cool and the gym is very well equipped. The location of Okura Prestige Bangkok is good and all the food we had was great. Nevertheless, I was surpriesd how unflexible all the staff at the hotel was.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Welcome Treatment

“Okura” will also remind us of our stay at Okura Prestige Bangkok

This is something I’m neither used to from luxury hotels nor from Asia. Also, communication was kind of a problem as some of the staff members didn’t speak English very well. Nevertheless, we’d recommend to stay at Okura Prestige Bangkok to give the great experience a try. Maybe you are a little more lucky than us when it comes to the staff or you just don’t oversleep!

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  1. Pyjamas! Afternoon tea! And to top it, an infinity pool. Mmm.. will keep a lookout for this hotel. Have you been to the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool? That is on my bucket list.

    • It’s a good choice for sure! Sadly, no. I’ve actually not been to Singapore at all. Nevertheless, the Marina Bay Sands is on my bucket list, too 🙂

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    • Hey Thomas, thanks for the comment! I’d be interested to hear in what you are interested in when it comes to hotel reviews?

    • It’s tough to really make a comparison as the location is so different. Both areas are interesting, but the MO and others hotels by the river might be a more suitable option for Sightseeing!

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