Transportation in The Hague

Transportation in The Hague is easily understood as the system is not very complicated. Even though there are actually different operators of the means of public transportation, passengers won’t have too many problems with the ticketing systems as there is one price for all trams and buses. Only the single metro line E, which is part of the Rotterdam Metro, comes with a special fare.

Generally, public transportation in the Netherlands is very well developed. You’ll find a lot of buses, trams and other means of transportation in pretty much all cities of the country.

Trains The Hague

You can reach several destinations from The Hague Central Station

In The Hague, there is also a very big train station, from where you can reach all other cities in the Netherlands as well as dozens of European cities. All trains are rather modern and offer a comfortable way to get from one city to another.

Metro in The Hague

The Hague actually has no metro or subway. Yet, The Hague is connected to the Rotterdam Metro, which we wrote about in depth in our article about transportation in Rotterdam. What’s important to note is that Line E of the Rotterdam Metro is the only one which has stops in The Hague and it’s also the fastest way to get from The Hague to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Check out our post on transportation in Rotterdam to learn more about the fares of the Rotterdam Metro.

Trams in The Hague

The main operator of trams in The Hague is HTM, but some trams are also operated by Randstadrail, which also operates the mentioned metro line E. For passengers, it doesn’t make a difference from whom the tram is operated. There are twelve lines in total and most have stops in the city center of The Hague. Yet, it’s important to note that transportation in The Hague is not limited to the city itself.

Tram The Hague

Not all trams in Rotterdam are accessible

Several of the tram lines are also connecting The Hague with other nearby cities like Delft, Nootdorp or Scheveningen. Especially interesting is tram line 1, which connects Scheveningen on the beach with the beautiful old town of Delft. While most trams are modern and accessible, there are also some older cars. The ticket system is combined with the ticket system of buses in The Hague.

Tram lines in The Hague:

  • Line 1: Scheveningen – Delft
  • Line 2: Loosduinen – Leidschendam
  • Line 3: Loosduinen – Zoetermeer
  • Line 4: De Uithof – Zeoetermeer
  • Line 6: Leyenburg – Leidschendam-Noord
  • Line 9: Scheveningen – Vrederust
  • Line 11: Scheveningen – Bahnhof Hollandse Spoor
  • Line 12: Duindorp – Bahnhof Hollandse Spoor
  • Line 15: The Hague Central Station – Nootdorp
  • Line 16: The Hague Central Station – Wateringse Veld
  • Line 17: Statenkwartier – Wateringse Veld
  • Line 19: Leidschendam – Ypenburg

Buses in The Hague

Buses are the second most important means of transport after the trams in The Hague. There are several different routes, which operate either in the city center or in the suburbs. As all buses are accessible and modern, they may also be used by disabled people.


Buses are rarely used by tourists

Tickets purchased are valid for buses and trams of HTM and the five Randstadrail trams. Single tickets cost 3.50 Euro (~ 3.80 US-Dollar) and are valid for 60 minutes, while day tickets are available for 6.50 Euro (~ 7.05 US-Dollar). You may also buy the “3 Day The Hague Travelcard” for 16.50 Euro (~ 18 US-Dollar).

Taxis in The Hague

Taxis are available throughout The Hague. While safe and convenient, taxis are rather expensive. There’s a base fare of 2.85 Euro (~ 3.10 US-Dollar) for all taxis in The Hague. Each kilometer is charged 2.08 Euro (~ 2.25 US-Dollar). Public transportation is the more budget friendly option on pretty much all routes you may take in and around The Hague.

Taxi The Hague

Taxis in The Hague are relatively expensive

That’s especially true for connections between The Hague and Rotterdam The Hague Airport as well as Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. These rides come with a fare of 39 Euro (~ 42 US-Dollar) and 62 Euro (~ 67 US-Dollar).

Other means of transport in The Hague

The Hague has a beautiful old town and also a great beach in Scheveningen. That said, it’s ideal to make use of one of the city bikes, which are provided throughout the city. Besides the city bikes, there are not many notable special means of transportation.


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