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Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain and one of the most visited cities throughout Europe. Needless to say, this means that Barcelona has a lot on offer when it comes to sightseeing purposes! Especially Antoni Gaudí characterizes Barcelona. Whether it is Park Güell, La Sagrada Família or one of the architectural highlights designed by this architect – these gems are one of a kind! Learn more about Barcelona whilst reading this city review!

Even though Antoni Gaudí influenced Barcelona decisively, the city in Spain will show you its different facets if you discover various parts of it!

Tibidabo Barcelona

Located a bit outside of the center, but definitely worth seeing and visiting is the so-called Tibidabo, a mountain.

Tibidabo Barcelona

Tibidabo Barcelona

The whole beauty of Tibidabo can also be seen when reading Moritz’ running guide. Special about Tibidabo is the fact that you can overview whole Barcelona if the weather is not too foggy. Moreover, an amusement park just waits for you to be discovered!

Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Barcelona

Also located on Tibidabo is the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a true gem!

Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Barcelona 2
Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Barcelona 2

It is simply impressive to be within a beautiful, yet unpretentious catholic church on the top of a mountain…

La Sagrada Família by Gaudí

Until today, La Sagrada Familia is unfinished. Construction works began in 1886 and are planned to be finished in 2026, the 100th death anniversary of Gaudí.

However, the church already is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a work of Gaudi. Nevertheless, there are nowadays a bit more architects who have been designing the church since Gaudí’s death. One of the most interesting histories of a building I’ve ever learnt about.

Other works of Gaudí in Barcelona

Gaudí’s style of Art Nouveau cannot be compared to anything else. Thus, it is really recommendable to see as many of his works as possible!

Casa Batllo Barcelona

Gaudi Casa Mila Barcelona

Whether it is Casa Batllo or Casa Mila, you’ll find different elements in either the façade or inside the buildings. In case of Casa Batlló, the façade tells the story of the legend of St. Georg.

Park Güell Barcelona

Park Güell is another piece designed by Gaudí. His client who hired Gaudí was inspired by the English Gardens and wanted something alike in Barcelona.

Nowadays, there is a distinction between a public space and an area for which who gotta pay an entrance fee.

Triumphal Arch Barcelona

I feel like every bigger city has a Triumphal Arch, and so does Barcelona.

Triumphal Arch Barcelona

However, the one in Barcelona is nice to look at and definitely pretty photogenic, so don’t skip it if you go by!

Torre Agbar Barcelona

Torre Agbar is most probably the most interesting building in the city of Barcelona when it comes to modern architecture.

Torre Agbar Barcelona

Just look at this! But if you expect something cool inside, I have to disappoint you: These are simply offices.

Castel de Monjuic Barcelona

Castel de Montjuic Barcelona is the perfect place to visit if you are interested in indulging in the rich, but changing history of Barcelona.

Just like Barcelona itself, the purpose/usage of Castel de Montjuic changed. Nowadays, it is great for discovering the spurs of Barcelona or just for enjoying great views of the city!

General impressions of Barcelona

Barcelona is big and Barcelona will show you all of its faces if you take your time to explore! Don’t miss the harbor or the town hall which is located right there.

Harbor Barcelona

Harbor Barcelona

What is also very enjoyable is seeing the multiple churches in Barcelona. Moreover, strolling through alleys and admire the historical and special architecture is a real must-do! Be sure to take enough time for Barcelona, you won’t be able to see it all in just one day!


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  1. Hi Sabrina! I think Sagrada Familia is something everyone visiting Barcelona should see. It’s gorgeous. I loved the Casas as well, and would recommend them to everyone, even though the entrance fees are quite high. Happy weekend!

  2. Barcelona…been trying to get a job there for years now. Such an incredible city. And thank you for not mentioning Les Rambles haha 🙂 So overrated and so overrun with tourists now.

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