Lounge Review: The Loft Brussels

The Loft Brussels is the only remaining Star Alliance lounges at Brussels Airport. As the SAS Lounge Brussels closed a few months ago, The Loft Brussels is actually the only lounge at Brussels Airport. While rather new, the lounge has two major problems. First, the lounge tends to be very crowded in rush hour. Second, the different seating already looks rather worn out.

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The Loft Brussels is one of the newest Star Alliance lounges in Europe. When flying Brussels Airlines, we had the chance to give the lounge a try. We definitely didn’t regret our choice as the lounge looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Loft Brussels Seating

The Loft Brussels looks spacious and airy upon entering

While the lounge is just one large room, there are a few partioned off areas.

For example, there’s an area just for First Class passengers and HON Circle members.

Seating in The Loft Brussels

The Loft Brussels has several different seating areas. While there are several multi-functional tables, which are suitable for working and dining, there’s some high-top seating right next to the buffet.

The Loft Brussels Seating

Seating in The Loft

Moreover, there are different areas, which are equipped with comfortable armchairs, large leather chairs with views of the tarmac and also some very private suites.

Moreover, there are so-called napcabs, which we didn’t have the chance to see while visiting The Loft Brussels. While the seating looks gorgeous at first sight, it’s actually not in the best condition.

The Loft Brussels Seating

All the seating in the lounge is modern

This is rather surprising taking into account that the lounge is just open for several months. Also, the lounge tends to be rather crowded, which makes it tough to get a nice seat from time to time.

Yet, there are many windows, which make The Loft Brussels very bright. Definitely a big plus!

Buffet at The Loft Brussels

After having a glance of the gorgeous seating at The Loft Brussels, I must say that I was rather surprised how sparse the buffet was.

The Loft Brussels Buffet

One of the buffets at The Loft Brussels

The buffet is a circular area in the middle of the lounge and comes with a choice of a soup, some bread, some salads, vegetables, cheeses and cold cuts in the evening.

The Loft Brussels Buffet

The buffet mainly comes with cold options

At some point, there were also two or three hot choices like a quiche available. What really surprised me though is that there is only water available at the main buffet.

There’s also a smaller buffet in the back of the lounge, where you can also find alcohol (as well as some nuts and chips) and some soft drinks.

The Loft Brussels Buffet

The coffee at The Loft Brussels is quite good

Nevertheless, I found the food offerings at The Loft Brussels rather underwhelming, especially compared to other Star Alliance Gold lounges like the Lufthansa Senator Lounge II Munich or the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt.

Entertainment at The Loft Brussels

Something really good at The Loft Brussels were the entertainment options. Upon entering, there’s an area with a choice of newspapers and magazines to the right.

The Loft Brussels Tablets

The Surface tablets are available free of charge

The choice is totally decent as there are national and also several international options available. Upon entering the main lounge, you’ll also see a wall with several Surface tables by Microsoft.

These are complimentary to use and are a good source for some entertainment. There’s also a working area at The Loft Brussels and as soon as you are logged into the Wi-Fi, you may also browse the internet with your own device.

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that the Wi-Fi ist getting weaker and weaker the crowdier the lounge gets.

Bottom line The Loft Brussels

The Loft Brussels definitely is one of the best lounges in Europe when it comes to entertainment and seating. Nevertheless, it’s sad to see that the condition of the very nice seating is already getting into a bad shape. Hopefully, the lounge attendants will invest more time into maintaining the quality in the future, so The Loft Brussels stays a very nice lounge.

The Loft Brussels Washrooms

The washrooms at The Loft are modern and clean

When it comes to the buffet, I was actually surprised about the average offerings and the low availability. In this regard, there’s some room for improvement. That said, I’ll definitely give The Loft Brussels some more tries as I’ll be working in Brussels for three months starting from May!


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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