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InterContinental Berlin is the flagship property of IHG in Berlin. While we already reviewed Indigo Berlin Ku’damm and Crowne Plaza Berlin Potsdamer Platz, it definitely is worth mentioning that the InterContinental Berlin definitely deserved to be the flagship property. The hotel has amazing rooms, a great Spa area and also offers a good breakfast – at least in theory.

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Due to an IHG promo, we couldn’t resist staying at InterContinental Berlin even though our primary choice in Berlin is Hotel Palace Berlin, which is located just a few minutes away from InterContinental Berlin, which I find to be located a little worse as it is further away from the Zoo and the train station.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: November

Nevertheless, our first impressions of InterContinental Berlin were good when it comes to the very interesting building and the room.

InterContinental Berlin Deluxe Room

One bottle of water is complimentary for all guests of InterContinental Berlin

The check-in experience itself was rather underwhelming. Nobody explained anything or asked to show us the room.

Deluxe Room at InterContinental Berlin

What was truly amazing at the same time was the Deluxe Room we were assigned at check-in at InterContinental Berlin.

InterContinental Berlin Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room at InterContinental Berlin

The Deluxe Rooms were recently refurnished and are very spacious.

Actually, they make you feel like staying in a Junior Suite. Upon entering, there’s a large walk-in wardrobe followed by the bathroom to the right.

The room itself comes with a very comfortable couch with a low table, a small working desk with an average chair and a sideboard with the flat-screen television on it.

InterContinental Berlin Deluxe Room

The working desk has a good height and comes with a comfortable chair

The bed was partioned of the rest of the room by a room divider, which didn’t really have many functions besides having the coffee machine on it and the minibar in it.

I wonder why the interior designer at InterContinental Berlin didn’t place the television here rather than on the sideboard, where it is actually awkwardly located.

The view of the city was truly nice as we had a room on one of the highest floors.

Bathroom of the Deluxe Room

Talking of positive aspects of interContinental Berlin, we definitely have to mention the bathroom of our Deluxe Room.

InterContinental Berlin Deluxe Room

Bathroom of the Deluxe Room

I was really impressed by the quality and the design of the bathroom, which was absolutely gorgeous.

While it was a little weird that the bathroom opened up to the walk-in wardrobe, it came with a very nice bathtub, a seperated toilet and also a seperated rain shower.

InterContinental Berlin Deluxe Room

The toiletries at InterContinental Berlin are of the highest quality

There was just a single sink (even though there would be room for a second one), but as the towels were very plush and the Agraria branded toiletries were amazing, there were enough positive aspects to outweigh the little negative one.

Dinner at InterContinental Berlin

As we were not really hungry at the evening of our stay at InterConinental Berlin, we decided to just order a pizza via room service. It’s worth taking into account that the prices at InterContinental Berlin are rather steep for Berlin. Due to that, we expected the pizza to be a real highlight in terms of presentation and taste. Sadly, neither was the case.

InterContinental Berlin Dinner

The pizza neither looked nor tasted very good

The pizza looked worse than what most delievery companies offer and also tasted totally boring. I’m always a little surprised when the quality of food is lackluster at a luxury hotel, but at InterContinental Berlin I didn’t feel like anyone took any effort in preparing the pizza we ordered.

Breakfast at InterContinental Berlin

After the disappointing dinner, we had high hopes for the breakfast at InterContinental. Yet, it already started badly as the breakfast area was so crowded that we didn’t even find a table.

InterContinental Berlin Breakfast

The breakfast buffet looked really promising at first sight

After asking a member of staff, we were given a freshly cleaned table and had a first glimpse of the buffet. While extremly extensive and with several specialities like an Asian corner, we actually had concers with the availability.

Another thing we didn’t like about breakfast at InterContinental Berlin. As we hadn’t been asked for hot drinks for more than twenty minutes, I directly approached a member of staff, who took my order, but was actually rather rude.

InterContinental Berlin Breakfast

The kids corner at the buffet is a lovely touch

Even though the quality of the food was very good, the atmosphere in the crowded restaurant was a real issue. That the service and also the availability were problematic as well, we were actually disappointed by the breakfast at InterContinental Berlin.

Spa & Gym at InterContinental Berlin

InterContinental Berlin is known for its extensive Spa area, which doesn’t only come with a large swimming pool, a large jacuzzi and dozens of loungers, but also with relaxation rooms, steam baths and saunas.

InterContinental Berlin Pool

Pool at InterContinental Berlin

Yet, it’s worth noting that the later three options come with an extra charge. Even when you are a paying guest at InterContinental Berlin, you have to pay an additioanl fee to enter the sauna area.

We decided to just spend some hours by the pool instead. As the loungers were very comfortable and the atmosphere is cozy, you can easily relax by the pool of InterContinental Berlin for one or two hours.

What’s interesting for couples is the fact that there are also some couple couches, which offer more privacy and space.

The gym, which is located next to the pool, comes with a few machines and free weights, but it’s actually no highlight at all.

Bottom line InterContinental Berlin

Overall, our stay at InterContinental Berlin was enjoyable. While the check-in was rather lackluster and our dining and breakfast experiences were average at best, we truly enjoyed the room and the very nice Spa area.

InterContinental Berlin Deluxe Room

The modern rooms at InterContinental Berlin are a real highlight

The staff was very friendly and helpful. Yet, it seemed that there is some further training needed as the staff was not really competent in several situations. Nevertheless, we’d definitely return to InterContinental Berlin, especially as the value for the money is quite nice.

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  2. You are glad you’ve got such a nice room. I stayed once in the old part of the hotel. That was a big minus. I had a tough time ordering hot beverages while breakfast, too.

    • I’m not quite sure, but aren’t all rooms renovated by now? The new ones are absolutely decent. I’ll have the chance to stay at the property again in August (this time with Club Access), so I’ll come with a new review afterwards 😉

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