Manchester: Top things to do and see

Manchester is mainly famous for its soccer clubs, but the city itself has a rich history which results in a kind of unique city scape. Having played a key role in the Industrial Revolution, architecture and the industrious character remind of this time. Thus, Manchester is quite perfect for a bit of time travel! However, there are a few special things which you will get to know when reading our top things to do and see in Manchester!

  1. See brick houses from another century

Manchester is known as the first modern, industrial city. Due to its key role in the time of the Industrial Revolution, brick houses are the dominating style of architecture.


Street Manchester 4

Not any surprisingly, this feels almost a bit like time travel!

  1. Notice the contrast: Beetham Tower

Beetham Tower is the highest building in the UK outside London. But in my opinion, this is not the only special thing about Beetham Tower.

Beetham Tower Manchester

Rather the modern architecture deserves a special mention. Beetham Tower in Manchester is a building of contrasts regarding the city scape in every regard.

  1. Catch a glance of Manchester’s Central Library

The form of the building of Manchester’s Central Library is loosely derived from the Pantheon in Rome.

Library Manchester

Thus, Manchester’s Central Library is a real eye-catcher!

  1. Get an impression of Manchester’s Opera House

Talking of culture, Manchester’s Opera House has on a regular basis ballets and musicals on offer.

Opera House Manchester

  1. Visit the Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry is dedicated to the progress of science, technology and industry, emphasizing the role of Manchester.

Especially transport, but also sewerage and textiles have and many more have a separate section.

  1. See the progress at Victoria Station

When standing outside in front of the façade, it can be admired that Victoria Station first opened in 1844.

Manchester Victoria Station

Manchester Victoria Station

But when moving inside, one can immediately see that extension works started. Such an improvement considering the fact that Victoria Station was listed at the top ten worst stations in the UK beforehand.

  1. Stroll around in China Town Manchester

Yes, Manchester as well is big enough for having an Asian population!

Chinatown Manchester

So why not indulging in another culture in a foreign country?

  1. Be impressed by Manchester Cathedral

Even though Manchester Cathedral does not look like a usual church, it is yet impressive!

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral 2

Dating back to the 15th century, Manchester Cathedral is not the first church build on this place.

  1. Detect Manchester Castlefield

Manchester Castlefield is a conversation in the inner city.

Castlefield Manchester

The main idea of Manchester Castlefield is to preserve the remains of the Roman era.

  1. Admire Old Trafford Manchester

Old Trafford is a soccer stadium, but not any stadium. Rather is Old Trafford the home of Manchester United!

Old Trafford Manchester

Since 1910, Old Trafford is United’s home and over time got the nickname “The Theatre of Dreams”.


More about Manchester can be found on our city page!


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