Hotel Preview: Soho House Istanbul

Soho House Istanbul is one of the most interesting new openings in the booming metropolis. The interesting thing about Soho House Istanbul is that it is partly a hotel and partly a members club. You may either apply for a membership at Soho House or instead just book a room as a non-registered member. In any case, staying at Soho House Istanbul definitely is something special.

There are Soho Houses all around the world and all look somewhat different. What the properties got in common is that they are a meeting space for creative souls. That’s why there’s a membership club which comes with access to either one or all Soho Houses all around the world.

Soho House Istanbul Drawing Room

Drawing Room (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

For a hefty membership fee, you may use the facilities of all properties. Nevertheless, there’s no need to be a member of Soho House to stay at the new Soho House Istanbul. The property is accepting reservations from other guests as well – however, on a request only basis.

Rooms at Soho House Istanbul

Soho House Istanbul comes with just 87 rooms, but large and spacious public areas which make staying at the property a unique experience.

Soho House Istanbul Small Room

Small Room (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

Meeting creative souls is what you are guaranteed at any Soho House. Nevertheless, there’s also room for privacy at the new Soho House Istanbul.

Soho House Istanbul Medium Room

Medium Room (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

The number of different room types is quite high, but as they got pretty easy names like Tiny Room, Small Room or Medium Room, it’s not tough to spot the differences.

Soho House Istanbul Small Mezzanine Room

Small Mezzanine Room (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

It’s pretty much all about the size as all rooms at Soho House Istanbul are equipped luxuriously, yet individually and homely.

Soho House Istanbul Large Mezzanine Room

Large Mezzanine Room (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

All rooms and apartments include complimentary Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions, a mini bar, tea & coffee making facilities and homemade biscuits. Doesn’t sounds this amazing?

Dining at Soho House Istanbul

The dining options show at best why Soho House Istanbul is no hotel like any other. There are several different areas to enjoy a drink or something to eat.

Soho House Istanbul Mandolin Terrace

Mandolin Terrace (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

There’s an extensive selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner at either the “Drawing Room”, the “Dining Room”, the “Club Bar”, ”The Pantry Kitchen” or “Mandolin Terrace”.

Soho House Istanbul Dining Room

Dining Room (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

You may also enjoy snacks and drinks all day. The public areas are also the perfect spot to meet with other creative souls, which are staying at the new Soho House.

Soho House Istanbul Club Bar

Club Bar (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

If you are looking for other options, you may enjoy the two restaurants “The Allis” and “Cecconi’s Istanbul” which are recommended by Soho House Istanbul.

Spa & Gym at Soho House Istanbul

Guests of Soho House Istanbul can also enjoy complimentary access to the gym, which comes with several state-of-the-art machines.

Soho House Istanbul Gym

Gym (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

There are machines for both, strength and cardio training, which allows everyone to stay fit. There’s also a Spa and beauty salon at Soho House Istanbul.

Soho House Istanbul Hammam

Hammam (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

So, if you are looking for some real relaxation, there’s definitely something to be found at the new Soho House!

Prices of Soho House Istanbul

If you want to stay at Soho House Istanbul, you have to request a room via an online form on the website of the hotel. Rates are starting at 180 Euro (~ 195 US-Dollar) for the Tiny Room and go up to 1.255 Euro (~ 1.370 US-Dollar) for the ultra large apartment.

Soho House Istanbul Apartment

Apartment (Image Source: Soho House Istanbul /

The very special mezzanine rooms, which offer separated lounging and sleeping areas, start at rates of 375 Euro (~ 410 US-Dollar) a night. Breakfast and other meals are not included, but the prices for food are actually reasonable! Staying at Soho House Istanbul is without any doubt a special experience you should give a try!

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