Running on Gran Canaria

Running on Gran Canaria definitely was no running experience like the ones I usually write about. It was even different to what I experienced while running on Tenerife. That’s because the hotel we stayed at, Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort, is located in a rather secluded residential area, which is tough to leave. The amazing pictures of the nature are something I’m very likely to share with you nevertheless!

When I initially got up the morning I went running in Gran Canaria, it was still dark.

  • Distance: 7 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 215 meters
  • Calories burned: 425-475
  • Month: January
  • Weather: Sunny

After waiting for an hour, I went out and enjoyed the sun in a way I didn’t expect.

Running on Gran Canaria

Map of my run on Gran Canaria (tracked by Runtastic)

The whole scenery looked absolutely stunning and pretty much all pictures just got truly amazing.

Saying hello to the sun

Upon leaving the hotel, I enjoyed the first lovely views of the golf court, which is in the middle of the Salobre Golf Resort, where also Sheraton Gran Canaria is located.

Even though Gran Canaria is generally rather sandy and rocky, the Salobre Golf Resort comes with a lot of lush green and some very interesting vegetation which I admired while running around the property.

Wondering about living in a retreat

As someone from Germany who is not used to live in something like a closed residential area, it was actually a little weird to go running in the Salobre Golf Resort.

While the streets and paths were in the best possible conditions, it still felt weird that there is just a single road which connects the whole resort.

Running on Gran Canaria

The views in the sunset were very enjoyable

Nevertheless, the views I had of the Sheraton hotel and the golf courses from the other side of the property were very enjoyable.

Welcome to the moon

Besides the street, which leads out of the resort through the main gate, there’s also one path that directly leads into nature.

After passing the golf course, I decided to take this one for one or another kilometer to also see something else of Gran Canaria.

Running on Gran Canaria

The landscape on Gran Canaria is very special

Well, with something else I actually mean the moon landscape which awaited me on the trail.

While definitely a funny experience, I found the lack of any plants a little disappointing. The views of the ocean were amazing at the same time!

Ending a non-typical run

At a later point, we’ll review Sheraton Gran Canaria, which is an amazing property.

Nevertheless, running at Gran Canaria was not the perfect experience when staying at the property as I found the whole Salobre Golf Resort to be somewhat sterile and the path out of the resort to be just too rocky and boring (besides the nice view).

Running on Gran Canaria

Running on Gran Canaria was a very special experience

Yet, I’d go running on Gran Canaria again for sure. It may just be a better idea to do so by the ocean!


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    • Gran Canaria is great for pretty much everything including running, walking and hiking. There’s actually rarely anything that beats a nice beach walk 🙂

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