Hotel Preview: Loama Resort Maldives

Loama Resort Maldives is one of the newest properties on the dream island and is also without any doubt one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in the area. 105 beachfront rooms and overwater villa, a choice of several dining facilities and a whole range of activities combined with world-class leisure facilities make Loama Resort Maldives a truly unique property!

The Maldives are one of the nicest regions in the world. That’s especially true for the Raa Atol, where the new Loama Resort Maldives is located. Large lagoons, beautiful beaches and incredible panoramas make the hotel a truly special property for everyone.

Loama Hotel Maldives Lobby

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This idyllic beauty combined with all the luxury aspects offered at Loama Resort Maldvies sound like the perfect combination for an amazing holiday experience!

Villas & Suites at Loama Resort Maldives

There’s no such thing as a standard room at Loama Resort Maldives. The “Beach Villa”, which comes with 68.5 square meters (737 square feet), does not only offer direct beach access, but also a large patio with loungers.

Loama Hotel Maldives Beach Villa

Beach Villa (Image Source: Loama Hotel Maldives /

Besides all the other luxury amenities, the large outdoor bathroom with a rain shower and a free standing tub is worth a mention!

Loama Hotel Maldives Bathroom

Bathroom (Image Source: Loama Hotel Maldives /

If you love swimming in your private pool, you may opt for a Beach Pool Suite, which offers more space and a small private pool right next the ocean.

Loama Hotel Maldives Ocean Pool Suite Loama Hotel Maldives

Ocean Pool Suite (Image Source: Loama Hotel Maldives /

Talking of the ocean, the real highlight of Loama Resort Maldives are the Ocean Suites and Villas which offer an incredibly luxurious feeling!

Dining at Loama Resort Maldives

The Maldives have a local cuisine, but at Loama Resort Maldives, you may not only experience this one, but also all kinds of other tastes.

Loama Hotel Maldives Thundi

Thundi (Image Source: Loama Hotel Maldives /

At “Thundi”, guests of the luxury resort can enjoy a combination of Maldives’ influences and the Asian cuisine. At “Meyzu”, the Japanese cuisine and fresh fish are the key points.

Loama Hotel Maldives Fazaa

Fazaa (Image Source: Loama Hotel Maldives /

“Fazaa”, the buffet restaurant at Loama Resort Maldives, combines tastes from all over the world in a special way. The additional outlets including “Iru Café”, the “Marha Bar” and the “Athiri Club” are perfect for light snacks, a nice drink prior or after dinner or a very special dining experience in a private atmosphere.

Loama Hotel Maldives Iru Café

Iru Café (Image Source: Loama Hotel Maldives /

There’s definitely the perfect restaurant to enjoy at Loama Resort Maldives!

Relaxation at Loama Resort Maldives

As relaxation at Loama Resort Maldives starts upon arrival, there’s rarely any need to point out all the facilities of the luxury resort. Nevertheless, you can’t and won’t spend all day in the comfort of your luxurious villa, but most likely are open for experiences.

Loama Hotel Maldives Pool

Pool (Image Source: Loama Hotel Maldives /

Be it one of the large pools, the hotel’s very own Spa which offers dozens of treatments or any of the several activities offered by the Loama Resort Maldives, you’ll surely find something amazing! For example, how about snorkeling in the coral reefs, doing a trip with a speedboat or exploring the nature of Maldives? Welcome to the world of endless possibilities!

Prices of Loama Resort Maldives

The Maldives are by no means a cheap destination. That’s also true for Loama Resort Maldives. Rates at the property are starting at 360 US-Dollar (~ 330 Euro) excluding taxes on a room only basis. Ocean Villas are available from 425 US-Dollar (~ 390 Euro) on the same rate basis. Rates with breakfast included start at 415 US-Dollar (~ 380 Euro), while half-board rates start at rates as high as 580 US-Dollar (~ 530 Euro).

Loama Hotel Maldives Ocean Villa

Ocean Villa (Image Source: Loama Hotel Maldives /

If you’d also like to enjoy lunch every day, you have to pay at least 650 US-Dollar (~ 595 Euro) per night. These rates may sound high, but compared to other properties on the Maldives, Loama Resort actually comes with reasonable prices. If you are about to splurge you with some luxury, Loama Resort definitely isn’t a bad choice!

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  1. You got my full attention here. I LOVE the Maldives. I have wonderful memories of our honeymoon on one of the islands. This one looks particularly spectacular, as they all are of course. Great review. 🙂

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