Bangkok: Top things to do and see

Bangkok is the Thai capital city and a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world. But what is it actually which makes Bangkok that attractive? Bangkok is no city with dreamy beaches and due to the humidity, it is not easy to stroll around. Here are our top things to do and see!

  1. Visit Grand Palace

For a very long time, Grand Palace was the official residence of the Kings of Siam, nowadays Thailand.

Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok is one of the most impressive buildings or even areas of the city. As it is possible to visit, get an impression on whether you want to spend the money for entrance.

  1. Discover Wat Pho

In the heart of Bangkok, a beautiful Buddhist temple called Wat Pho can be found.

Wat Pho Bangkok

However, we wrote a whole dedicated post about this one, so don’t miss reading that!

  1. Take a boat

Depending on where you are and where you are heading, it may make sense to get there via boat.

River Cruise Bangkok

There are two options: the one for tourists or the one that locals also use. The difference is – not any surprisingly – the price and that you get additional information in English about the surroundings.

  1. See Lumphini Park Bangkok

Lumphini Park is the biggest temple in the center of the Thai capital.

Lumpini Park Bangkok

A bit lush green and a park-like feeling is perfect to escape the buzz of the city of Bangkok!

  1. Climb Golden Mount

Golden Mount is an artificially heaped hill in Bangkok. In Thai, this one is also known as Wat Saket.

Climbing this one is a real experience as you get to know the spiritual side of Buddhism and you will also enjoy great views of Bangkok!

  1. Experience Bangkok’s Street Life

Nothing is as remarkable as life on the streets for a city like Bangkok.

Street Life Bangkok

It is simply fascinating to see another culture with smells and tastes just around the corner and just on the street!


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  1. I LOVE Bangkok! One of the most amazing cities I’ve been to! I’d also highly recommend a visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market – it’s the best!

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