Airline Review: Air India (domestic Economy)

Air India domestic Economy is one of many ways to travel within India. The national carrier offers dozens of different routes throughout the country. I had the pleasure flying Air India twice and though write a thorough review. While Air India doesn’t get the best reviews, I found both flights to be actually decent. Air India definitely is better than its reputation.

Air India has a decent fleet of regional airplanes. On my flights from Bengaluru to Mumbai and Delhi to Bengaluru, I had the pleasure of enjoying the biggest regional airplane, the Airbus A321, twice.

  • Airplane: Airbus A321
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning / Evening
  • Food: Breakfast / Dinner
  • Seat Pitch: 32 Inch (81 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

What’s remarkable about Air India’s regional fleet is the extremely nice seat pitch, which exceeds everything I know from America and Europe.

Air India Economy Class

Seating in the Air India Economy Class

This makes flying Air India way more enjoyable than for example flying with Indigo, especially when it comes to longer routes.

Seating in the Air India domestic Economy

Taking the amazing seat pitch of 32 inch (81 centimeter) into account, it is easy and comfortable to stretch out in Air India’s Airbus A321.

Air India Economy Class

The seat pitch is extremly good compared to other airlines

The seats are arranged in the typical 3-3 configuration, but due to the great seat pitch, there are fewer seats in Economy Class.

Air India Economy Class

Airbus A321 planes come with a 3-3 configuration with different colored seats

Seating itself is not extremely comfortable as the seats are rather old and worn out, but totally okay. The seats are a little firm, but come with a decent cloth padding.

This makes the overall seating experience in Air India’s domestic Economy Class a very enjoyable one.

Air India Economy Class

The seating comfort is fine, but not amazing in any way

While the board product is rarely cutting edge, I actually found the two flights with Air India very enjoyable when it comes to the seating.

Food in the Air India domestic Economy

Another thing about the domestic Economy Class of Air India is the fact that there is a real meal offered. On my morning flight, I was offered an omelet with some kind of chicken ball next to it.

Air India Economy Class Breakfast

This is how a meal in the Air India Economy Class looks like

The meal came with a small bottle of water, a fruit salad and a roll. On the evening flight, the offering in the Air India domestic Economy was some kind of calzone with local ingredients, again served with some kind of chicken ball (this time two).

Air India Economy Class Breakfast

Breakfast in the Air India Economy Class

The other options on the tray were a packaged sandwich and a piece of cake. Again, the meal was served with a bottle of water. Interestingly, Air India doesn’t offer a standard drink service, but instead only offers water and at a later point, tea and coffee.

Air India Economy Class Dinner

Dinner in the Air India Economy Class

There is no option to request soft drinks or alcohol. This means you have to be okay with just having a 0.2 bottle of still water for the duration of your flight.

The food itself was quite tasty and not very spicy, making it a decent airplane meal, especially for short domestic flights!

Entertainment in the Air India domestic Economy

In theory, the entertainment options on board the Air India look decent. There’s a screen in every seat back, but this one is deactivated on domestic flights, making it absolutely useless.

Air India Economy Class

The entertainment screens are deactivated on domestic flights

Besides that, the entertainment options on domestic flights with Air India are limited. There are no newspapers on offer. Yet, you may ask a flight attendant to fetch a paper from Business Class when available. Moreover, there’s a rather nice board magazine.

Air India Economy Class

The board magazine of Air India is worth having a look at

Anyway, I wasn’t really happy about the entertainment options in the Air India regional Economy Class.

Bottom line Air India regional Economy

In the West, you always hear horror stories about Air India. In my opinion, these are anything but justified. Air India actually offers a decent product for regional flights. The seat pitch is amazing, the seating comfort is decent.

Air India Economy Class Lavatories

The lavatories on board Air India’s Airbus A321 are relatively clean

The food offerings are classes above what you get on domestic flights in Europe or America in Economy Class and the crews are reasonably friendly. The only thing lacking are entertainment options. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t hesitate to book Air India again!

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