Transportation in Thessaloniki

Transportation in Thessaloniki is shockingly complicated. In contrast to Athens, Thessaloniki neither has a tram nor a metro system. This means that the transportation network fully relies on buses. Taxis are also available, but those are not really cheap. In the future, Thessaloniki is supposed to have a metro. For now, our transportation guide will help you to get around!

Thessaloniki is anything but a heaven when it comes to transportation connections. There are several train stations in the city, but only a few connections to destinations further away. Trains to Athens take approximately six hours. Yet, trains are a good option to get from Thessaloniki to other cities in the region and the suburbs of the city.

Buses in Thessaloniki

As affairs now stand, it is not clear when the first metro line in Thessaloniki is supposed to open. Due to that, I’ll focus on buses in Thessaloniki in this guide. At the moment, there are more than 50 routes, which make up for a relatively dense network.

Bus Thessaloniki

If you want to get around in the city for cheap, buses are the best options

For tourists, there are three lines which are of special importance. Line 50 is the so-called cultural line, which operates every hour and connects the most important touristic destinations in Thessaloniki with each other. Line 78 is the Airport Line, which connects the city center with the airport every 15 to 30 minutes. There’s also a nighttime service with the number 78N, though we had some issues with this line early in the morning. Be aware that the mentioned three lines come with double the normal fare.

Taxis in Thessaloniki

As the public transportation network in Thessaloniki is underdeveloped, taxis still play a crucial role in the city. If you’re not fluent in Greek, you’ll most likely have some issues with communication. However, taxis are generally safe and convenient.

Taxis Thessaloniki

Taxis are not very expensive, but still way more expensive than buses

Nevertheless, you should be aware of possible scam. The prices for taxis are relatively fair in the meantime. Especially compared to Western Europe, it’s not really problematic to take a taxi to get from A to B without paying a fortune.

  • The base fare for taxis in Thessaloniki is 3 Euro (~ 3.25 US-Dollar)
  • The kilometer fare is approximately 0.70 Euro (~ 0.75 US-Dollar)
  • Rides to the airport cost 15 to 20 Euro (~ 16 to 22 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Thessaloniki

At the moment, there are not many special means of transport in Thessaloniki. Besides the official cultural line, there’s also a private company operating a sightseeing bus. Moreover, there are city bikes available at some points in the city.


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    • My pleasure! Transportation in Thessaloniki is a real nightmare. Hopefully, the metro will change this as soon as it is finished!

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