Transportation in Cottbus

Transportation in Cottbus can be explained very quickly as there are just trams and buses which organize the whole transportation in the city. As Cottbus is not very big, it’s pretty easy and convenient to get around in the city. In our transportation guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the trams, buses and taxis in Cottbus!

Cottbus has a decent connection with several other cities in the region by train. From Cottbus Central Station, passengers can reach cities like Berlin, Frankfurt (Oder), Dresden or Leipzig with direct trains.

Train Cottbus

There are several regional train connections from Cottbus to other cities in the area

There are also a few long distance trains a day, but most of the transport is just local. This also means that you may use one of the RE or RB trains to get from one train station in Cottbus to another one to experience another area of the city.

Trams in Cottbus

The backbone of the transportation network in Cottbus are trams. There is a total of five lines, but a maximum of four is operating at the same time. Lines 1 and 2 only operate from Monday to Friday, while Line 5 operates solely on the weekend and on public days. The two other lines operate on all days.

Tram Cottbus

The trams in Cottbus are old, but partly accessible

Even though all trams in Cottbus are at least 15 years old, all got modernized at some point. This means that all trams are accessible (only the middle door of all trams). There are several exchange stations for the different tram lines in the city center. The trams in Cottbus use the same fare system as the buses.

Tram lines in Cottbus:

  • Line 1: Schmellwitz Anger <-> Jessener Straße
  • Line 2: Sandow <-> Sachsendorf
  • Line 3: Ströbitz <-> Madlow
  • Line 4: Neu Schmellwitz <-> Sachsendorf
  • Line 5: Sandow <-> Jessener Straße

Buses in Cottbus

In addition to the trams, Cottbus has an extensive network of bus lines, which compromises of more than one dozen lines. There are also three night lines, which operate on the same routes as the trams do during the day. All buses in Cottbus are accessible, but most lines are operating less frequent than the tram lines.

Bus Cottbus

Buses add additional routes to the transportation network

Single tickets for the usage on trams and buses in Cottbus cost 1.60 Euro (~ 1.75 US-Dollar), while day tickets cost 3.30 Euro (~ 3.60 US-Dollar). Before buying a ticket, you should make sure that your destination is located in the same zone as Cottbus uses a fare system. Rides between different zones are slightly more expensive.

Taxis in Cottbus

Taxis in Germany are heavily regulated, which means that there is a fixed price regime for all taxi operators in cities like Cottbus. Also, the regulations make taxis fulfill several safety and comfort standards, so each and every ride is comfortable for passengers.

Taxi Cottbus

As it’s the norm in Germany, taxis in Cottbus are rather expensive

In Cottbus, there are several taxis available, which makes it easy to get from one point to another without using public transportation. The prices are, as it is the norm for Germany, rather steep. The base fare is 2.60 Euro (~ 2.80 US-Dollar), the first two kilometers are charged 2.20 Euro (~ 2.40 US-Dollar) each and every further kilometer comes with a charge of 1.70 Euro (~ 1.85 US-Dollar).

  • The base fare for taxis in Cottbus is 2.60 Euro (~ 2.80 US-Dollar)
  • The fare for the first two kilometers is 2.20 Euro (~ 2.40 US-Dollar) each
  • Starting from the third kilometer the fare drops to 1.70 Euro (~ 1.85 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Cottbus

Even though Cottbus is quite an attractive city as you can read in our city review, the city is not very touristic. This means that there are not really many special means of transport. There are city bikes, which you may use however. This can be especially enjoyable in the city center as this area is mostly traffic calmed and also has many parks!


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