Hotel Preview: The Hoxton Amsterdam

The Hoxton Amsterdam is one of those modern hotels which is totally different from everything you may have known till today. While properties like The Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam look absolutely stunning, The Hoxton follows a totally different approach. Small rooms, large public areas and a very special atmosphere is what makes the property unique.

5 canal houses at the popular Herengracht make up for one of the most stunning properties Amsterdam has seen in some time. The Hoxton Amsterdam is not stunning in a totally luxurious way, but instead in a very special one.

The Hoxton Amsterdam Kitchen

Kitchen (Image Source: The Hoxton Amsterdam /

The ideally located hotel wants to bring people together and make them feel like home. Cultural events at the property and large public spaces add a bonus you won’t find in any other hotel in Amsterdam!

Rooms at The Hoxton Amsterdam

Staying at The Hoxton Amsterdam is definitely not about the rooms, but these are worth having a look at, too. What’s especially cool about The Hoxton Amsterdam is how the rooms are named.

The Hoxton Amsterdam Shoebox

Shoebox (Image Source: The Hoxton Amsterdam /

Calling the smallest room “Shoebox” is truly honest and even though the room indeed looks extremely small, it looks cozy at the same time.

The Hoxton Amsterdam Cosy Room

Cosy Room (Image Source: The Hoxton Amsterdam /

Talking of cozy, there’s also a category called “Cosy” which at least comes with a King Bed instead of a single bed. To enjoy really luxury hotel comfort, you may either book one of the Concept Rooms or the “Roomy Room”.

The Hoxton Amsterdam Floral Room

Floral Room (Image Source: The Hoxton Amsterdam /

These come with a decent size and yet with the same cozy equipment all other rooms at The Hoxton Amsterdam come with!

Dining at The Hoxton Amsterdam

The Hoxton Amsterdam is no typical hotel, but there’s a restaurant nevertheless. Yet, this one is so casual that you won’t really feel like you are in a dining area.

The Hoxton Amsterdam Lotti's

Lotti’s (Image Source: The Hoxton Amsterdam /

At “Lotti’s”, you can enjoy all meals from 7 am in the morning till 1 am in the night. The à la carte breakfast starts with a choice of traditional European breakfast items as well as all kinds of hot dishes. Combined with fair prices, you’ll definitely start right into the day at The Hoxton Amsterdam.

The Hoxton Amsterdam Living Room

Living Room (Image Source: The Hoxton Amsterdam /

The Italian restaurant with Dutch influences also offers affordable dining for lunch, during the day or in the evening. In a cozy atmosphere, you’ll definitely have a stunning time eating something at The Hoxton Amsterdam!

Facilities of The Hoxton Amsterdam

We usually feature the pool or the gym or any other relaxation facility in this section, but when it comes to The Hoxton Amsterdam, it’s worth highlighting other facilities. The ideal place to work and relax at the same time is the cozy “Living Room”. The “Kitchen” is the ideal spot if you want to prepare something to eat by yourself or just want to chat with other guests of The Hoxton.

The Hoxton Amsterdam Games Room

Games Room (Image Source: The Hoxton Amsterdam /

The “Courtyard” is great for some fresh air, while the “Library” is the spot for some concentrated work or reading a book. Last but not least, there’s also the “Games Room” where you can enjoy one or another amazing hour with other guests or some friends!

Prices of The Hoxton Amsterdam

Rooms at The Hoxton Amsterdam are on the small side and that’s something that mirrors at the prices. The Shoebox for example is available starting from just 119 Euro (~ 130 US-Dollar) which is quite a deal for Amsterdam. The Cosy Room comes with a charge of 149 Euro (~ 160 US-Dollar).

The Hoxton Amsterdam Roomy Room

Roomy Room (Image Source: The Hoxton Amsterdam /

These rates come with a complimentary light breakfast and Wi-Fi. Especially for a city center property, The Hoxton Amsterdam does not only look stunning, but also comes with great prices! Definitely an option you should consider for your next trip to Amsterdam!

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