Hotel Preview: St. Regis Dubai

St. Regis Dubai is the newest Starwood luxury property in the booming metropolis in the Middle East. Built on the site of the oldest hotel in whole Dubai, the new St. Regis is truly different to most other hotels in the city. Not only the exterior is classic and reminds guests more of Europe than of Dubai, but also the interior design with its beaux-arts touches is definitely not typical for Dubai!

New luxury hotels sometimes are really outstanding. St. Regis Dubai is a good example as the property looks different to most luxury hotels in the United Arab Emirates from the inside and the outside.

St. Regis Dubai Exterior

Exterior (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

The former Hotel Metropole, the oldest hotel in Dubai, underwent a huge renovation and shines in the brightest colors again. As it’s typical for St. Regis, the new luxury hotel doesn’t look extremely modern, but rather comes with a contemporary style. This is what really makes St. Regis Dubai an outstanding property!

Rooms at St. Regis Dubai

As it’s the norm for St. Regis, the rooms and suites of the new St. Regis Dubai are extremely spacious.

St. Regis Dubai Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

Even the smallest room category, the Deluxe Room, comes with a size of incredible 55 square meters (592 square feet). An elegant and tasteful interior with modern touches and a large marble bathroom round up the cozy rooms.

St. Regis Dubai Executive Suite

Executive Suite (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

You can also find several incredible suites at St. Regis Dubai. The biggest one, called Imperial Suite, has three bedrooms and is 15 times bigger than the Deluxe Room.

St. Regis Dubai Empire Suite

Empire Suite (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

Nevertheless, you can enjoy St. Regis Dubai to the utmost in all room categories as all come with all the luxury touches as well as the renowned St. Regis butler service.

Dining at St. Regis Dubai

The number of dining choices at St. Regis Dubai could also hardly be any bigger. A total of eight restaurants, bars and cafés invite guests of the luxury hotel to indulge.

St. Regis Dubai Brasserie Quartier

Brasserie Quartier (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

At “J&G Steakhouse”, the focus is on the best meat in town, while “Brassiere Quartier” is the ideal location to enjoy French cuisine. “The Roof Gardens” is the ideal location for an enjoyable lunch by the pool.


Patisserie (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

Not to forget about the collection of cafés and bars including the renowned St. Regis Bar, which is a real hit all over the world. Another amazing option worth mentioning is the special St. Regis Afternoon Tea, which is always an experience to never forget again!

Relaxation at St. Regis Dubai

St. Regis wouldn’t be so popular if the chain did not only offer amazing rooms and great food, but also relaxation facilities out of this world.

St. Regis Dubai Gym

Gym (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

At St. Regis Dubai, guests can not only enjoy a fully-equipped gym with state-of-the-art machines, but also rooftop pools and large lounging areas to ideally relax in the Dubai sun. When you’re not out and exploring at the moment, you should also pay Iridium Spa Dubai a visit.

St. Regis Dubai Spa

Spa (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

Not only look the rooms of the Spa extremely relaxing, but the number of special treatments available could also hardly be any better!

Prices of St. Regis Dubai

Dubai is a city with highly different seasons, which means that hotels tend to be way cheaper in summer. At this time of the year, even the new and sparkling St. Regis Dubai is affordable. Rates in low seasons are starting at 1.200 AED (~ 300 Euro / 325 US-Dollar) per night excluding taxes, services and breakfast.

St. Regis Dubai St. Regis Suite

St. Regis Suite (Image Source: St. Regis Dubai /

The latter comes with an extra charge of 200 AED (~ 50 Euro / 55 US-Dollar) for two guests sharing a room. In high seasons, rates may double this amount, so if you want to enjoy the luxury at St. Regis Dubai for a relatively fair rate, you definitely should pay Dubai a visit in the very hot summer months!

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