Hotel Review: The Oberoi Mumbai

The Oberoi Mumbai has a troubled past, but also is the best rated luxury hotel in Mumbai. As I found a nice package via Virtuoso, I couldn’t resist booking the luxury hotel, which is located in South Mumbai. The location close to the most important touristic spots and the Marine Drive is very convenient, but not even close as spectacular as the hotel itself.

The Oberoi Mumbai is somewhat an institution. The luxury hotel got a full five stars on TripAdvisor, which is rare, even for ultra-luxurious properties.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Luxury Room
  • Month of Stay: February

Definitely a hotel I had to write a hotel review about!

The Oberoi Mumbai Lobby

The lobby of The Oberoi Mumbai looks very promising

Upon arriving at the hotel with a taxi from Mumbai Airport, you are welcomed in the lower lobby, where several doormen take care of your luggage.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Room

You are served a welcome drink and a cold towel uppon arrival in your room

In the upper lobby, there is the real check-in, where you can sit down and relax a bit.

However, relaxation is only for short as the check-in formalities are actually taken care of in the room.

Luxury Room at The Oberoi Mumbai

We were assigned a Luxury  Room with nice views of the sea at The Oberoi Mumbai as an upgrade through our Virtuoso rate.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Room

Our Luxury Room was modern and spacious

After a quick and friendly check-in, we had a first view of the room, which is spacious with more than 40 square meters. Upon entering, you find yourself in a hallway with the bathroom to the left and also a door to a very small walk-in wardrobe.

To room itself comes with a large working desk, a King Bed, two large bedside tables, a couch and a chair around a little table and a large window, which makes the room bright and offers beautiful views of the city and the bay.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Room

The view of the bay and the city was quite nice

The interior at The Oberoi Mumbai looks modern and contemporary at the same time. Also, the Luxury Room was in a particularly good condition and extremely clean!

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Room

The minibar came with only few items and was quite expensive

After just five minutes in the room, a butler introduced himself and also brought some iced tea and a cold towel and asked whether he could be of any further assistance. Honestly, I find butler service a little odd, but it’s indeed helpful to have someone for all your questions. Yet, I feel like it is worth mentioning in this hotel review that you may ask your butler to pack and unpack your stuff!

Bathroom of the Luxury Room

The room at The Oberoi Mumbai was without any doubt absolutely satisfying, but the real highlight definitely was the bathroom.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Room

The spacious and bright bathroom is a real highlight

There’s a large window with a privacy blind, which accounts for the bathroom being very bright during the day. Next to the window, there’s a luxurious free-standing tub, which faces a small television.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Room

Upon arrival, the bathtub was filled with rose leaves

Below the television, there’s a lot of storage space for the single sink. Separated from the bathroom itself are a toilet and a shower, which doesn’t come with a rain shower head, but is decent nevertheless.

Two true highlights of the bathroom at The Oberoi Mumbai were the Forest Essentials toiletries, which are of an extremely high quality, and the bathtub filled with roses upon arrival.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Room

The toiletries at The Oberoi Mumbai are of extremly high quality

It’s definitely about lovely touches like this one to make a hotel unique.

Gym & Pool at The Oberoi Mumbai

It’s somewhat tough to impress me when it comes to a gym. At The Oberoi Mumbai I was also hardly impressed by the hardware, which was a little bit past its prime.

The Oberoi Mumbai Gym

The gym is large, but the machiens are not the newest

There are several machines and there are also free weights, but the gym itself is hardly impressive.

The views are also nothing to write home about. However, the friendly fitness instructor and the complimentary selection of fresh fruit juices, apples and granola bars impressed me as I’ve never seen something similar in any other luxury hotel I’ve seen so far.

The Oberoi Mumbai Gym

The fresh fruit juices and granola bars in the gym are a real highlight

Getting back to the hardware, I have to admit that I was also not impressed by the pool of The Oberoi Mumbai. While quite nice and heated, it was hardly outstanding in any regard.

There are also some nice loungers, but it’s a little tough to either swim or relax in/by the pool as the wind is extremely strong on the ~ fifth level.

Dinner at The Oberoi Mumbai

While we initially wanted to try some local cuisine in Mumbai, time went by and we ended up ordering room service.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Dinner

Room Service Dinner at The Oberoi Mumbai

While the Risotto and also the selection of breads was outstanding, I still can’t really believe how crazily expensive food at The Oberoi Mumbai is for Indian standards.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Dinner

The Risotto was very good, but way too expensive

Mains are starting at 20 Euro without taxes, which is outrageous for Indian standards.

Breakfast at The Oberoi Mumbai

Booking through Virtuoso, we were also able to enjoy breakfast at The Oberoi Mumbai. After having to wait five minutes for our table, we were seated at a rather average table (it’s worth noting that there are no really good tables at “Fenix”, the breakfast restaurant, anyway).

The Oberoi Mumbai Breakfast

The breakfast buffet at Fenix is small, but the quality is very good

We also had a short look of the breakfast buffet, which looked quite nice, but was rather small. We were instantly offered help every time we came close the buffet and though had some trouble taking pictures.

However, what’s really amazing is not the buffet, but rather the on order menu, which comes with an amazing selection of Western and Indian items.

While Sabrina had the Parantha, which she said was stunning, I went with the Akuri, which was very good as well. Service at breakfast was good, yet not outstanding as I would have expected it to be at The Oberoi Mumbai.

Lunch at three Michelin star restaurant Ziya

I was aware of the fact that our Virtuoso rate came with a lunch, but didn’t really expect it to be served at Ziya, the prime restaurant of The Oberoi Mumbai.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Ziya is known as one of the best restaurants in Aisa

The restaurant is one of only few restaurants in whole Asia with three Michelin stars and also offers beautiful views of the sea.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

You’ll feel extremly exclusive at the restaurant

We got an adorable table and were impressed by the golden plates and cutlery awaiting us.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

The view is something you obviously pay for as well

The menu comes with a wide selection of starters, mains and desserts, which are all crazily expensive for Indian standards.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Bread with different sauces

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Amouse Bouche

We were free to choose any three dishes from the menu and went with two Indian starters, the Matka Chicken and the Butter Chicken as a main and the chef’s recommendation for a chocolate heavy desert with ice cream.

Overall, we could have hardly enjoyed our lunch at Ziya at The Oberoi Mumbai anymore. While not being very hungry due to our late breakfast, we enjoyed every dish to the utmost.

The items were not only creative, but also extremely tasty.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

The speciality desert with a lot of chocolate was the perfect finish

Service was outstanding during our whole lunch as well and we would have loved to stay a little longer, but sadly had to leave The Oberoi Mumbai for the airport again.

Bottom line The Oberoi Mumbai

As you’ve most likely seen in this hotel review, The Oberoi Mumbai is without any doubt a truly outstanding property. The rooms are very nice and come with stunning bathrooms, the service was outstanding during our whole stay and the quality of food could hardly be any better. The pool is just average and so is the gym, which won my heart anyway through the nice additional offerings.

The Oberoi Mumbai Breakfast

Everything at The Oberoi Mumbai is of the highest quality

Taking into account that The Oberoi Mumbai is not only one of the best, but also one of the most expensive options in Mumbai, you should think about the value for the money before booking. However, if you are looking for an outstanding luxury experience, you definitely can’t go wrong with The Oberoi Mumbai!

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