Brussels: Top things to do and see

Brussels is not only considered for being the Belgian capital, but also known for being the European one as several institutions are home in Brussels. But not only when it comes to politics, but also when it comes to business and tourism, Brussels has a lot to offer. Our top things to do and see show you the most popular places in Brussels!

  1. Stroll around in the European Quarter

Like Luxembourg or Strasburg, Brussels also has a European Quarter where the buildings of the European Union can be found.

European Quarter Brussels

In Brussels, these are rather central and thus very easy to integrate in a nice walking tour through Brussels!

  1. Get an impression of Brussels’ old town

The historical city is mostly a true highlight, and the old town of Brussels is no exception in this regard!

Small Street 3

Small streets as well as impressive architecture make spending time in the old town of Brussels really enjoyable, especially when finding these big squares from time to time!

  1. Visit Royal Palace

Impressive enough to have a look at a palace in the heart of Brussels. But the Royal Palace is also the official palace of the King and the Queen of the Belgians, but however, not used as a residence.

The Royal Palace of Brussels

Moreover, it is possible to visit the Royal Palace one month a year. Catch a glance of the palace from the inside if you got the chance! Don’t miss that one out and see what you can expect while reading our special about the Royal Palace!

  1. Take a picture of the Town Hall

When it comes to architecture, Town Hall Brussels is quite interesting as it dates back to the Middle Ages.

City Hall

Located at the famous Grand Place, the Town Hall is to be found in the heart of the city and in the Old Town, so definitely a must-see!

  1. Be impressed by Triumphal Arch Brussels

Admittedly, the Triumphal Arch looks impressive and is yet nothing special as well as there are many Triumphal Archs around the world and all look quite similar.

Triumphal Arch Brussels

But in Brussels, it is not about the Arch per se, but also about “Parc du Cinquantenaire”, which is just admirable.

  1. Get out and see Atomium

As soon as it comes to World Exhibitions, the most interesting buildings are designed for that. In case of the Atomium, this one was designed for the Expo 58 in the year 1958.

Atomium Brussels

It stands for a peaceful age of atomic and nuclear energy. Being called the most bizarre building of Europe by CNN, it is definitely worth seeing!

  1. Gawk at the architecture in Brussels

Did you know that Brussels is also the capital of Art Nouveau?

Place du Luxembourg Brussels

This fact makes it definitely interesting to have a closer look at the architecture in Brussels!

  1. Get an impression of Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Unlike other European cities especially in Eastern Europe, Brussels does not have that many churches or religious buildings spread throughout the city.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart Brussels

However, there are some if you are interested. The one which impressed us most was the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, a Roman Catholic church dating back to the 20th century.


More information about Brussels can be found here!


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