Running in Paris 2

Running in Paris is always enjoyable! My last running guide, for example, featured several of the most amazing sights in the city. However, what makes Paris so nice for running are not only the sights, but also the very good pathways, the parks and the greenery in general. That’s why Running in Paris 2 features more nature than sightseeing, but see it yourself!

Getting up early in the morning was not a real problem this time as we arrived from India the day before. Like that, starting into the run very fresh was quite easy!

  • Distance: 8 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 80 meters
  • Calories burned: 450-500
  • Month: March
  • Weather: Cloudy

Starting at Hotel Molitor, the sightseeing options were limited. With these preconditions, I decided to run in the direction of a nice little island in the Seine.

Running in Paris

Map of my run through Paris

Sadly, the weather was not really on my side as everything was grey and not very inviting.

Strolling through Paris’ boulevards

After leaving the hotel, I had to run approximately two kilometers to finally reach the Seine.

Running in Paris

Hotel Molitor Paris was where I started my run

While this may not sound stunning in theory, I actually love running through the streets in Paris in the morning.

The nice boulevard with historic houses also was a nice contrast to Bengaluru, where I was running just two days before.

Running in Paris

The Seine is a lovely river to run along

Reaching the Seine was another highlight as there’s a nice fresh breeze which hits you while running.

Even though the promenade was not really amazing in any regard, running along the river was totally fine at this point.

Exploring Parc de l’île Saint-Germain

My real destination for running in Paris this time was Parc de l’île Saint-German, which is located in the middle of the Seine.

I reached the parc after a little less than four kilometers and really liked the nice panorama of the city when crossing the bridge.

Upon entering the park, I stumbled upon an interesting statue with the name “Tour aux Figures de Jean Dubuffet”.

Tour aux Figures de Jean Dubuffet Paris

Tour aux Figures de Jean Dubuffet

While there was no more art in the park, the pathways were in a very good condition and you absolutely felt like you left the metropolis and entered in a little forest away from the city.

The run through the park is definitely recommendable!

Taking pictures of Paris’ stadiums

The way back from the park through the hotel in some other streets was not really remarkable.

Running in Paris

Crossing the Seine allowed some beautiful views again

Also, the houses were a little less nice the further out of the actual city I got. Getting closer to Hotel Molitor, the buildings got nicer again.

Especially worth mentioning is Porte de Saint-Cloud where you can not only find a nice church, but also some other nice buildings. Last but not least, I decided to run along two famous stadiums in Paris, which are located right next to Hotel Molitor.

Parc de Princes Paris

Parc de Princes

First of all, I took some pictures of Parc de Princes, the stadium of Paris St. Germain. The other stadium with a very interesting architecture is Stade Jean Bouin right next to Parc de Princes.

After more than eight kilometers and a different, but amazing run, I finally reached Hotel Molitor again.

Hotel Molitor Paris

Back where I started: Hotel Molitor Paris

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