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EasyJet is one of the biggest airlines in Europe, but as I’m a geek when it comes to points and miles, I didn’t fly them in any of my first 150 flights. This however changed late in 2015 when I jumped onto the opportunity to finall review EasyJet on a flight from Berlin to Barcelona and back. While expecting the worst, I have to admit that EasyJet is not all that bad.

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If you are reading about EasyJet, you’ll most likely find complaints.

  • Airplane: Airbus A319
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning / Evening
  • Food: for purchase
  • Seat Pitch: 29 Inch (74 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

Anyway, that’s not really true as I especially found the value for the money absolutely decent. In this review, I’ll explain why EasyJet is actually not much worse than many other airlines offering regional flights in Europe!

Seating in the EasyJet Airbus A320

As regular readers may have already recognized, I didn’t mention the service class of the flight either in the headline or in the text. That’s for a reason as EasyJet only has Economy Class seating.

EasyJet Seating

EasyJet has a typical 3-3 configuration in its planes

Nevertheless, you can buy special seats (exit row, first rows) for an extra charge. For a real airline review of EasyJet, I decided to just enjoy EasyJet as it is.

EasyJet Seat

The seat width is lower than on other airlines

To start with, I found it kind of annoying that you can’t choose any seat at check-in if you are not willing to pay extra. Lucky as we are, we were assigned seats in rows 5 & 6 on the two flights.

EasyJet Seat

The seat pitch on EasyJet is also relatively tight

You may note that passengers flying together usually are also seated together regardless of paying extra. The airplanes of EasyJet (Airbus A319 & A320) look not really fresh, but the seats are not worn out at the same time.

While the black and orange color scheme may not be something for everyone, I especially found the advertisement of the back of all seats annoying.

EasyJet Seat

The tables are just like every other table in airplanes

That aside, something else not very comfortable is the seat width. As EasyJet has a very broad aisle to allow faster boarding and de-boarding, the seats are way slimmer than with most other regional carriers using the same planes.

EasyJet Seat

Interestingly, there’s advertisement on every seat

The seat pitch is everything but amazing as well, but 29 Inch seems to be the norm nowadays. For a two hour flight like the one to Barcelona, the seating experience was okay, but I highly doubt the seats can be comfortable for any longer journey.

Food & Service flying EasyJet

EasyJet is a real low-cost-carrier, which means that there are neither complimentary drinks nor food. Even water comes with a charge. The prices are not totally outrageous, but as it is the norm for airlines way higher than on the ground.

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As we were not hungry on our flight to Barcelona, we just opted for something to bite on the flight back. We ordered the snack box which is a funny idea as it comes with a selection of different snacks ranging from hearty to sweet options.

EasyJet Food

I decided to purchase a snack box

While too expensive for what’s in, I actually liked nearly all of the items. What’s worth mentioning at this point is that the EasyJet crew was adorable on both flights.

They seemed to really have fun doing there job and were friendly at all times. Taking into account that there’s always discussion about how bad the staff is paid, I was surprised to see such a great service!

Entertainment flying EasyJet

If we leave out the crew which was not only friendly, but also extremly funny on our first EasyJet flight, there’s no entertainment at all. EasyJet does not offer any newspapers and magazines and also has no board magazine.

EasyJet Magazines

The enteratinment options on the EasyJet flights were rather limited

While other LCC like Norwegian offer free Wi-Fi or even some IFE screens, which may or may not come with an extra charge, EasyJet has none of this. As of now, there is no information on whether there’ll be Wi-Fi on EasyJet flights in the future. So overall, the lack of enteratinment on EasyJet flights is somewhat annoying, but if you know this, you can just bring your own stuff and you’ll be fine!

Overall impressions of EasyJet

To be honest, the difference of flying EasyJet compared to several legacy carriers was not really big. If you take into account that several legacy carriers like SAS and Iberia don’t offer any food or drinks in Economy Class anymore, there’s no difference in this regard. The only real issues are actually the very slim seats, which are not very comfortable for longer flights, and the lack of any entertainment options. Nevertheless, the friendly staff somewhat makes up for this.

EasyJet Lavatory

The lavatories are very basic, but clean

What’s a little annoying with EasyJet is the boarding process which starts way earlier than with other carriers and is totally disorganized. Due to that, you may lose up to 30 minutes. Nevertheless, I’d consider flying EasyJet again if the price is fine. EasyJet may not have a good reputation, but the airline definitely is better than many say!

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    • I haven’t had the pleasure to fly Ryanair yet, but didn’t hear too much positive! I’ll definitely try Ryanair soon! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  1. Easy Jet is okay for a low-cost. I consider it a first-class version of Ryan Air…but because of Easy Jet, Ryan Air has had to step up their game and has improved considerably.

    • Interesting opinion! Both are indeed not so extremly “low-cost” anymore, but still feel somewhat cheap. I’m looking forward to both betting better in the future 🙂

    • EasyJet actually has one of the best safety records in the world. However, nearly all airlines I fly with got a very, very good safety rating, so it’s rather useless to mention it every time!

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  3. Safety is number one. This thing I know very well as an ex-airline worker. Therefore, my opinion differs from Yours and it is important s to tell about it every time! Remember recent plane crash Flight FZ981!

    Happy Sunday!

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