Hotel Review: Gran Melia Fenix Madrid

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid is one of three Leading Hotels of the World in the capital of Spain. The property is located in the heart of the city close the most important shopping street. The whole hotel has a very historic touch, but all areas are in a decent shape. Nevertheless, we found the room at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid to be noisy and the service to be too slow overall.

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Traveling to Madrid, we had several different choices for a hotel, but staying at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid looked like the best value and also like an interesting property to write a hotel review about!

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Premier Room
  • Month of Stay: December

As a Leaders Club Unlimited member, I was upgraded to a Premium Room, which was a little disappointing as the room is rarely different to the lowest room category.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Wintergarden

The lobby and bar area at Gran Melia Fenix are very nice

Nevertheless, it was a nice touch that we were granted early check-in and had the pleasure to enjoy our room starting from noon.

The check-in procedure was quick and efficient, but the English skills of the employees were a little lackluster.

Premier Room at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid

While the check-in definitely wasn’t disappointing, the room was. Upon entering our room at Gran Melia Fenix, there was a micro entrance area and then another door.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Premier Room

Premier Room at Gran Melia Fenix

While this was a nice touch in theory, the area was just too small to make any use of it. The room itself came with a King Bed, a working table, two bedside tables, an armchair with a small table and an ottoman right in front of the bed.

There was also a normal sized flat screen television and a minibar. While this doesn’t sound like bad equipment, the room looked extremely cramped with all the stuff in it.

While the classic design was okay for us, the room did not really feel cozy. Overall, the room we got at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid was not too bad, but just too small for my taste.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Premier Room

The view was rather boring

Nevertheless, there are two negative points which I have to mention here. First of all, the room was noisy, which means that we did hear the guests staying above and next to us.

Second, there was no way to get the room really dark as the door to the small entrance area had a window.

Bathroom of the Premier Room

The bathroom of the Premier Room is absolutely decent.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Premier Room

Bathroom of the Premier Room at Gran Melia Fenix

There was a double sink and a separated area with a tub-shower and the toilet, which you can close off with a door. The bathroom was on the small side as well, but didn’t feel as cramped as the room.

While I prefer modern bathrooms with a rain shower, the classic décor at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid was nice and absolutely fitted the whole style of the hotel nevertheless.

Lunch & Dinner at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid

Through my Leaders Club Unlimited membership, we had a 100 US-Dollar food and beverage credit, which we made use of upon arriving at the hotel.

It’s also great to have such a credit to really write about all the food option in a hotel review. We decided to have a light lunch in the hotel’s bar. Sadly, our start at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid just wasn’t the best as the service was extremely slow.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Dinner

Room Service Dinner

It took more than 20 minutes till we were able to order and another till the food was served. Nevertheless, the Wagyu Burger and the pasta were utterly delicious. We also ordered something from room service in the evening.

The creamy pumpkin soup, the fish and the funny desert (sweet cannelloni) were all very good, but the portions were a little small for my taste. As all food served at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid was utterly delicious, I can just recommend the cuisine!

Gym at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid

There’s neither a pool nor a Spa at Gran Melia Fenix, but you can at least enjoy a fully-equipped gym. Sadly, this one comes without any windows, which makes the experience somewhat depressing.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Gym

Gym at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid

Besides that, the gym is actually quite nice. There are several modern machines for both, strength and cardio training. All of these are in a very good condition and the gym itself is very clean as well.

Another positive thing worth mentioning is that guests may enjoy complimentary towels, apples, water and tea (there’s a decent selection available). You may also watch television in the gym which makes the experience a little more enjoyable!

Breakfast at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid

We also enjoyed breakfast at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid which sadly was served in a rather dark room as well. The restaurant may be nice in the evening, but is actually not really perfect for breakfast.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Breakfast

Breakfast at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid

Nevertheless, the service was attentive at all times and the offerings on the buffet were absolutely fine as well. I was especially surprised about the extensive selection of fresh fruits and savory items, which is not typical for Spain.

The regional cheese and ham was a nice touch as well. At Gran Melia Fenix Madrid, you also have the option of ordering hot dishes, but we didn’t make use of this.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Breakfast

There are also several hot options for breakfast

Overall, I was quite happy about the breakfast nevertheless. Especially for a Spanish hotel, the buffet was totally fine.

Bottom line Gran Melia Fenix Madrid

Staying at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid is nothing I’m going to regret, but I’ll choose another hotel next time nevertheless. On the one hand, I’d like to write some more hotel reviews about properties in Madrid and on the other hand, I was not absolutely happy with Gran Melia Fenix Madrid. While the hotel has a decent gym and a very good cuisine, the rooms are just a little too old fashioned for my taste.

Gran Melia Fenix Madrid Premier Room

The interior at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid is classic, but nicely appointed

What’s more of a problem are the size of the normal rooms and the noise you hear from other rooms. The bathrooms may be classic, but they are functional and quite nice. If you get a good rate, you won’t regret staying at Gran Melia Fenix Madrid, but keep in mind that there are several other nice choices with a decent value for the money in Madrid as well if you are looking for a more modern hotel!

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