The Hague: Top things to do and see

The Hague is known for being the international city of justice. Not any surprisingly, one of its most important and impressive buildings is the Peace Palace. Moreover, The Hague is the third biggest city of the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. What characterizes The Hague is the fact that there is a cool mixture of historical and modern parts. You really should visit or see what’s on our top things to do and see list!

  1. Be impressed by Peace Palace The Hague

Having officially opened in 1913, Peace Palace The Hague is often called the seat of international law.

Peace Palace The Hague

Peace Palace The Hague houses several judicial institutions such as the Permanent Court of International Justice of the League of Nations. Due to that, it is not possible to get too close, but for the perspective of a photo, this is right perfect with no one in the photo!

  1. Stroll around in The Hague’s Old Town

Containing many old, narrow building, The Hague’s old town is several hundred years old.

The Hague

But The Hague’s old town has more to offer than “just” architecture as lively squares, restaurants and shopping facilities are very present.

  1. Learn more about Noordeinde Palace

Royal Palace or Noordeinde Palace, as it is called in Dutch, is the working place for king Willem-Alexander.

Royal Palace The Hague

Royal Palace The Hague

Right behind it are beautiful gardens which are definitely worth having a look at as well!

  1. Take a photo of Inner Court and Hofvijver

The Inner Court is one of the oldest parliament buildings still in use. Together with Hofvijver, Inner Court is like the vivid center of The Hague.

The Hague Skyline

Moreover, it is among the 100 Top Dutch Heritage Site, so definitely worth a look!

  1. Visit Mauritshuis

Housing the Royal Cabinet of paintings, Mauritshuis is an Art Museum.

Mauritshuis The Hague

Mauritshuis The Hague

The collection of Flemish and Dutch art is one of a kind worldwide.

  1. Walk through De Passage The Hague

De Passage in The Hague is a covered shopping street. Even though this kind of shopping street was very popular in Europe and in America in the 19th century, it is nowadays the only one in the Netherlands.

De passage The Hague

De passage The HagueDe passage The Hague

De passage The Hague

Whether you are just curious about this street and walk through or are interested in shopping, I’m sure you will enjoy this place!

  1. Get an impression of Klosterkeerk

Klosterkeerk is a protestant church in the heart of The Hague.

Kloosterkerk The Hague

Kloosterkerk The Hague

Even though this church is not palatially, it is really nice to see as the architecture is kept rather plain.

  1. Get in “The Ice Palace”

The Hague City Hall was given the nickname Ice Palace due to its white façade.

Town Hall The Hague

Town Hall The Hague

In contrast to rather historical The Hague in general, its town hall is quite the opposite: modern design and very bright from the inside!

  1. Catch a glance at the Royal Stables

As the Royal Stables are subject to a very high level of security, it is really difficult to take a picture of them.

Royal Stables The Hague

Being part of the Civil Household, horses and carriages can be found there for ceremonial events.


More about The Hague can be found here!


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