Airport Guide: Mumbai Airport

Mumbai Airport is the second biggest airport in India and has a different official name. However, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is such a difficult name that rarely anybody uses it. The airport is very modern and ranked as one of the world’s best airports. Besides the fact that the transportation infrastructure is quite weak, Mumbai Airport is quite easy to get along with.

Mumbai Airport is a hub for several Indian airlines. While Air India has its main hub in Delhi, it still operates a minor hub with several long distance routes in Mumbai. The other big international Indian carrier Jet Airways has its primary hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways operates dozens of daily flights from Mumbai Airport

With 30 million passengers a year, Mumbai Airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia and is a destination for several national and international airlines. Most domestic flights are operated out of Terminal 1, while international departures are handled at Terminal 2. Both terminals are connected by a shuttle bus, which can take up to 45 minutes per ride.

Biggest carriers at Mumbai Airport:

  • Air India: Several domestic and international destinations
  • Jet Airways: Several domestic and international destinations
  • GoAir: Several domestic destinations
  • Indigo: Several domestic and a few international destinations
  • SpiceJet: Several domestic destinations

Dining and shopping at Mumbai Airport

Both terminals of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport got extensive dining and shopping facilities. Yet, you might have problems finding shops and restaurants after passing security control in Terminal 1 as the terminal is separated in three areas and though only offers limited options depending on the gate you are departing at.

Mumbai Airport

There are dozens of shops at Mumbai Airport

Terminal 2 instead is a real shopping paradise with numerous international brands selling high-quality items. There are also several dining options and cafés where passengers can spend some time prior departure.

Sleeping at Mumbai Airport

Even though Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is rather new, there are no dedicated relaxation areas in the airport. However, passengers can find a transit hotel inside Terminal 2. The Niranta Airport Transit Hotel is only accessible after immigrating to India, which means that you need a Visa to stay at the hotel.

The Oberoi Mumbai Luxury Room

You must not drive to the city center for luxury hotel options

Due to the dynamic pricing, staying at the hotel isn’t too expensive. If you are fine with leaving the airport, you got several other options as well. Around Mumbai Airport, there are several luxury and high-end hotels. These include brands like Hilton, JW Marriott and Hyatt Regency. Yet, there are also several mid-range properties near the airport.

Lounges at Mumbai Airport

Interestingly, the number of lounges at Mumbai Airport is rather limited besides the size of the airport. All lounges are operated by the airport, which is an absolute exception in the world of international airports. However, the GVK Lounge in Terminal 2, which is used by nearly all airlines is among the better lounges I’ve been to.

GVK Lounge Mumbai

The international GVK Lounge offers a very good experience

A detailed review of the Business Class section will be released shortly. Other lounges in Terminal 2 are the CIP Lounge, which is limited to only selected passengers, the Loyalty Lounge, which is open for Priority Pass holders and Pranaam Lounge, where you can buy access. With the Carnations Lounge, which I’ll also review shortly, and the Loyalty Lounge there are also two options at Terminal 1.

Lounges at Mumbai Airport:

  • GVK Lounge: Nearly all airlines BC and FC as well as FT
  • Loyalty Lounge T2: PP
  • Pranaam Lounge: $
  • Carnations Lounge: Several airlines BC as well as FT; PP, $
  • Loyalty Lounge T1: 9W BC, 9W G, 9W P

Transportation at Mumbai Airport

As public transportation still is an issue in India, the options to get from Mumbai Airport to the city center are rather limited. You may either call an Uber or an Ola driver or opt for a taxi.

Mumbai Traffic

Traffic in Mumbai can be a real challenge, so plan some extra time

The prices for a ride to the city center vary between 500 INR [~ 6.80 Euro / 7.50 US-Dollar) and 1.000 INR (~ 13.60 Euro / 15 US-Dollar). These are available either with online pre-booking, per meter or prepaid. A metro line to the airport is proposed, but the construction will take several more years.


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