Running in Warsaw

Running in Warsaw was a real surprise to start with. When getting up on a February morning, the sun was shining and the sky was clear. Even though I’ve been to Warsaw several times, the weather has never been so good. That said, the run was accordingly enjoyable and truly amazing. Both, in perspective of sightseeing running and running in nature.

Warsaw has something like notoriously bad weather, but surprisingly, I was lucky when it comes to running in Warsaw.

  • Distance: 8 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 100 meters
  • Calories burned: 450-500
  • Month: February
  • Weather: Sunny

When leaving InterContinental Warsaw, the sun was shining and the temperature, while cold, was totally fine for running!

National Stadium Warsaw

Map of my run through Warsaw (tracked by Runtastic)

That’s definitely the weather I like for running!

Enjoying the skyline of Warsaw

Upon leaving the hotel, I instantly enjoyed beautiful views of the Palace of Culture and Science, one of the most impressive buildings in Warsaw.

Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw

The Palace of Culture and Science is one of the most impressive buildings in Warsaw

After running a few hundred meters, I was also able to get lovely views of the skyline, which is a stark contrast to the historic Palace of Culture and Science.

As I decided to run to the Vistula, the river passing through Warsaw, I followed one of the larger streets, where I also spotted some impressive buildings.

Running in Warsaw

Nowy Swiat is the main shopping street in Warsaw

I also caught a glimpse of Nowy Swiat, the main shopping street in the city center of Warsaw.

Running along the promenade

The bridge which leads you to the National Stadium in Warsaw looks not only impressive from afar, but also when getting closer.

Interestingly, the bridge does not only cross the river, but also elevates the road for at least one kilometer.

National Stadium Warsaw

The National Stadium is located right next to the river

Below, you can see parts of a park, which I strolled through later on. After taking some pictures of the National Stadium, which comes with quite a nice architecture, I ran along the promenade for a few hundred meters, which was quite enjoyable.

National Stadium Warsaw

The promenade next to the Vistula is nice for running

As there are pathways right next to the river, the area is very nice for running.

Promenading through Warsaw’s city center

At some point, I decided to run in the large park, which connects the Vistula with the city center. The park is a rather difficult name, so I’ll leave you with the map to figure out where the park is located.

National Stadium Warsaw

Impressive art can also be admired while running in Warsaw

The park itself is rather nice with a lot of greenery and also some monuments. After running in the park for one or two kilometers, I found myself close to the ultra-long bridge again.

From there on, I decided to turn right and run along Nowy Swiat to get into the city center.

After seeing several interesting buildings, I had the pleasure to enjoy the skyline for a last time.

Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw

One last view of the Palace of Culture and Science

The perfect finish of an amazing run through Warsaw!


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