Airline Review: Eurowings (Smart)

Eurowings offers a rather different fare system from many other airlines. This airline review features the booking class “Smart”, which includes preferred seating and a meal. We also reviewed Germanwings, the pre-successor of Eurowings, “Basic” earlier. While Eurowings definitely is a low-cost carrier I actually prefer them to airlines like EasyJet due to several reasons.

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Eurowings nowadays has a fleet of several Airbus A319 and A320 planes as well as a few smaller jets, which are supposed to leave the fleet soon.

  • Airplane: Airbus A319
  • Cabin Class: Smart (Economy)
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 29 Inch (74 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

All planes got retrofitted a few years ago and though look quite modern. As Eurowings is in a transformation process, this airline review features a mix of Germanwings and Eurowings.

Cabin of an Eurowings Airbus A319

Cabin of an Eurowings Airbus A319

While the airplane I took from Paris to Berlin still came with the Germanwings livery, the interior already was partly in the Eurowings style.

Seating in Eurowings Smart

If you book Smart when flying Eurowings, you may select a seat in advance and also got the ability to select one with more legroom.

Eurowings Seating

The seats in the Eurowings airplanes are the same as in Lufthansa planes

I choose a seat in row 4, which is the first row after the three Best (which is comparable to regional Business Class) rows. As the flight happened to be booked quite weak, there was enough room to spread out.

Eurowings Seating

The seats with more legroom make seating quite comfortable

But also leaving this aside, the seats in row 4 came with ample legroom. The seat width is rather average and though definitely nothing to write home about.

The seats themselves are the same as the ones used by Lufthansa on regional flights, which are very thin, but not too uncomfortable.

Catering in Eurowings Smart

When flying Eurowings Smart, you are offered a free snack bag, which included a little sandwich, a chocolate bar and a bottle of water.

Eurowings Smart Catering

Included catering flying Eurowings Smart

The sandwich tastes fine, while the chocolate bar is a little boring in my opinion. You may also enjoy another complimentary drink (excluding alcohol) of your choice from the cart.

Even though the on-board menu mainly aims to those who didn’t book Smart or Best, you may also purchase food or alcohol from the menu when flying Smart.

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As I’ve written in the earlier review of Germanwings, I actually find the buy-on-board menu to be quite extensive, the food to be good and the prices to be relatively fair.

Entertainment in Eurowings Smart

As it’s the norm for low-cost carriers, there are no real entertainment options when flying Eurowings. Even in the Smart booking class, there are no newspapers or magazines included. This means that the only source of entertainment is the board magazine, which is of decent quality.

Sadly, none of the Eurowings planes is equipped with Wi-Fi or any kind of wireless entertainment. Flying Eurowings, regardless of whether you are booked in Basic, Smart or Best, you better bring your own entertainment if you don’t want to get bored during the flight.

Bottom line Eurowings Smart

As a frequent flyer in many alliances, I’m not a very big fan of low-cost carriers. Nevertheless, I find Eurowings to be totally fine for short flights. The legroom is fine, the catering is okay and the seating itself is okay as well. The included catering is a little weak, but that’s the norm in Europe.

Eurowings Magazins

Eurowings is not my favorite airline, but it’s totally fine for short flights

At the same time, the on-board-menu is quite extensive and though a good option if you’d like to have another bite. Overall, I’d definitely fly Eurowings, especially Eurowings Smart, again if the price is good!

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  2. Thank you for this enlightening review. I am about to book with this airline and your info has convinced me even more.

  3. Never again this plane.
    Köln phuket onevdrink and toe veryvsmall food.

    He ver he ver Afshin. Bulk shirt company

    • Hey Jos, I think you are talking of the Eurowings long haul operations judging from your route! I’ll definitely try to review this one some time soon as well 🙂

  4. This airline is a joke, with the worst customer services. Don’t do it to yourself, book with someone else, you’re better than that.

    • The customer service really is an issue at Eurowings. I had my fair share of problems as well. Sadly, they don’t want to fix this issue…

  5. Flown with Eurowings several times this year. The flight itself is fine once your on board, but customer service issues and problems with cancelled flights or changes to timings are a nightmare.

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