Running in Mumbai

Running in Mumbai may sound a little mad, but I was actually looking forward to this very special experience. With a recommendation of the concierge of The Oberoi Mumbai in mind, I decided to just run along the promenade. This run had two advantages: you stay out of the crazy Mumbai traffic and you enjoy spectacular views of the ocean!

Starting early in the morning, running in Mumbai was dominated by something that Mumbai has a lot: sun!

  • Distance: 7 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 30 meters
  • Calories burned: 400-450
  • Month: February
  • Weather: Sunny

While it was already a little hot as soon as I excited the hotel, there was quite a nice fresh breeze from the sea, making running enjoyable.

Running in Mumbai

Map of my run through Mumbai

Due to the good location of The Oberoi Mumbai, I was on the promenade after just a few steps and crossing a single (relatively empty) street.

The ocean with a second skyline

While I was generally staying at the part of Mumbai one would describe as the city center, there is a second skyline on the other side of the bay.

Running in Mumbai

View of the beautiful Mumbai Bay

This meant that I enjoyed not only nice views of the ocean and the bay, but also of Mumbai’s second skyline.

The promenade itself is in a very good condition, especially for Indian standards.

Running in Mumbai

The promenade is very good for running

Most likely due to that I also met some other crazy guys, who decided to go running. While the bay was on my left, there were also some interesting buildings to the right.

What’s especially interesting is the fact that there are modern and very old buildings right next to each other. This really makes Mumbai quite unique.

Beach fun in Mumbai

If you are thinking of holidays at the beach, you’ll most likely don’t have Mumbai in mind.

Running in Mumbai

There’s actually a beach in Mumbai, which is not too far away from the city center

However, the metropolis has a nice city beach nevertheless. After approximately three kilometers along the promenade I found myself at exactly this beach.

The Giragon Chowpatty Beach was in a surprisingly good condition, especially taking into account how many streets in India look.

Running in Mumbai

From the beach you enjoy a beautiful view of the skyline

As the temperature of the weather is decent all year long, I also spotted some guys swimming. Another nice thing worth mentioning is the skyline you can take pictures of on the beach.

Skylines and skyscrapers

As I took the same route back, there was nothing extremely spectacular happening anymore.


Nevertheless, it was definitely interesting to see the two different skylines of Mumbai from another perspective. In the last pictures you can spot the Air India Building, the Trident Hotel and The Oberoi Mumbai, which mark the skyline in the South.

Running in Mumbai

The perspective changes make running along the promenade very interesting

The pictures showing the bay feature the other skyline. Overall, I have to admit that I really enjoyed running in Mumbai. On the promenade, running was easy and convenient.

Running in Mumbai

You’ll also meet a lot of birds when running in Mumbai

Also, running on the promenade in Mumbai is also very safe. One thing worth mentioning is the temperature as it even got extremely hot at 9 am already in February.

Running in Mumbai

Some last views of The Oberoi Hotel and The Trident Mumbai

Especially if you are not used to these conditions, I recommend to be careful!


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  1. Wow, I’m impressed! Mumbai is not the first place that comes to mind when it comes to running.. or beach like you say 😛

    • The bad air is problematic indeed, but when it comes to a single run while on holidays, I don’t feel like it’s to problematic 🙂

  2. Wow, I really want to visit the beautiful Mumbai! Great pictures, really good work. I thought You Maybe want to read something about Vienna or Reykjavik, so Check out our latest Posts!

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