Hotel Review: Pullman Bangkok King Power

Pullman Bangkok King Power is one of several luxury hotels under Accor brands in Bangkok. As we got a very good price and had a decent impression of the hotel judging from the website, we decided to give a try for the night. Honestly, the experience was one of the best we ever had at an Accor hotel as the luxury hotel, while not very expensive, was really good in all regards.

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The check-in procedure at Pullman Bangkok King Power was a little complicated as we were guided to the Executive Lounge after asking for check-in in the lobby.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Suite
  • Month of Stay: December

The lounge is located in the tower of the hotel on one of the highest floors.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Welcome Treatment

Welcome Treatment at Pullman Bangkok King Power

While the staff was extremely friendly and warm, the English skills were even a little worse than at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok.

Even there we had some serious problems with the staff’s language skills.

Suite at Pullman Bangkok King Power

As I’m an Accor Le Club Gold member, we were lucky enough to get upgraded from an Executive Room to a Suite.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Suite

Suite at Pullman Bangkok King Power

Located on the highest floor of the property, I honestly expected an amazing view, but due to the strange architecture of the building, the view was just average. Nevertheless, the suite was extremely spacious and came with a fitting interior.

Even though Pullman Bangkok King Power is not the most modern hotel, the design is still quite nice. The living room of the suite came with a small kitchen, a dining table which strangely enough was surrounded by office chairs as well as a large sitting area with a couch, an armchair and two tables.

The bedroom was on the small side, but came with a King Bed and two bedside tables.

Both rooms also had flat-screen television and nice floor-to-ceiling windows to make the suite look bright.

Bathroom of the Suite

When it comes to suites, I somewhat expect amazing bathrooms. At Pullman Bangkok King Power I was a little disappointed to be honest.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Suite

Bathroom at Hilton Bangkok King Power

While the bathroom of the suite comes with a decent size, there’s just a single sink and also no detached toilet.

Besides that, the bathroom is totally fine with a nice rain shower and also an overlarge bathtub.

The toiletries provided were branded C.O. Bigelow, a brand I’ve never heard of before, but were quite good.

Pool & Gym at Pullman Bangkok King Power

The gym at Pullman Bangkok King Power is on the larger side and comes with several cardio and strength machines.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Gym

Gym at Pullman Bangkok King Power

Nevertheless, the area lacked atmosphere as there were no windows at all. In contrast, the pool was a real highlight.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Pool

Pool at Pullman Bangkok King Power

While the pool was a little chilly, it was actually quite nice for swimming. There were also several loungers around the pool and there was also the option to order drinks by the pool.

While not an amazing rooftop pool like at Okura Prestige Bangkok or Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok, the pool at Pullman Bangkok King Power was extremely large and even had several portioned off areas.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Lounge

Cocktails by the pool

We took this opportunity and got two very good cocktails!

Executive Lounge at Pullman Bangkok King Power

What I totally adored is the Executive Lounge at Pullman Bangkok King Power. We enjoyed a very nice little dinner at the lounge as the offerings were so good that there was rarely any reason to leave again.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Lounge

The food spread in the club lounge was impressive

There were small appetizers, which were creative and tasty at the same time. Moreover, there was also the choice of two hot dishes. Both, the vegetarian and the seafood were surprisingly good for a lounge.

Something even more amazing than the buffet was the very attentive service. You are even proactively asked for cocktails and other drinks. We also had a short look on the buffet in the afternoon, which looked quite nice as well.

Breakfast at Pullman Bangkok King Power

The great experience went on with breakfast at the Executive Lounge. While Sabrina skipped the meal due to illness, I had a great experience.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Breakfast

The breakfast buffet is more extensive in the restaurant than in the lounge

To start with, the buffet had a decent selection and came with several fresh options like cut fruits. On the table, I was instantly served the hot drink of my choice and a bread basket.

Moreover, I was asked whether I want any of the hot options. I decided to have the pancakes and utterly enjoyed these. Good service, very good quality and a fair share of items – I could hardly have been any more satisfied at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Lounge

In the lounge, you can also order freshly prepared dishes

I also had a look on the breakfast buffet in the hotel’s main restaurant and found the choice to be extremely extensive. There were several different areas with hot and cold dishes.

Bottom line Pullman Bangkok King Power

When checking in, we were given several vouchers for the duty free mall and even an airport lounge, which we couldn’t take advantage of due to our amazing upgrade, which we wrote about in another post. We were also positively surprised by the Tuk Tuk shuttle to the next BTS station. But even leaving all of this out, I’d still heavily recommend Pullman Bangkok King Power.

Pullman Bangkok King Power Suite

The suites at Pullman Bangkok King Power are spacious and luxurious

The suite we got was no real highlight, but very comfortable nevertheless. The gym is average, but the pool is amazing. Last but not least, the Executive Lounge is a real highlight. Overall, the value for the money is just great. So, if you happen to be in Bangkok, definitely give Pullman Bangkok King Power a try!

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  1. It’s been years since I went to the Pullman King Power so I am sure time has caused some wear and tear. But I assure you that the regular breakfast was SOOOO good. I wouldn’t mind going again, but the “problem” with BKK is that there’s so many interesting hotels to choose from 😛

    • You are so right! Bangkok is like heaven when it comes to hotels! In the luxury segment there are dozens of choices even below or a little more than 100 Euro / USD. However, the breakfast is one of the things, which have to make you come back to the Pullman 😀

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