Lounge Review: Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki

Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki is one of two lounges at Thessaloniki Airport. It is accessible for all passengers flying with a Star Alliance career, which are either booked into Business Class or hold a Star Alliance Gold Status. The lounge itself is tiny, but comes with modern interior and a good buffet taking into account the size of the lounge.

When departing from Thessaloniki early in the morning, we decided to also pay the Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki a visit.

Aegean Lougne Thessaloniki Entertainment

In the entrance area of the lounge, you can find some magazines

After we were heavily disappointed by the Aegean Business Lounge Athens, which is far inferior than the Lufthansa Business Lounge Athens next door, I didn’t have any high expectations of the lounge in Thessaloniki.

Nevertheless, the experience in the lounge was surprisingly positive.

Seating in the Aegean Lounge Thessaloniki

The Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki is one of the smallest lounges I’ve ever visited. Nevertheless, you don’t feel cramped in the lounge as there are several windows with views of the tarmac.

Aegean Lougne Thessaloniki Seating

During the day, the Aegean Lounge Thessaloniki is very bright

The lounge is more or less one big room separated by two walls. The main seating area right next to the window comes with several large couches and a few very small tables. Next to the buffet there are some dining tables with basic chairs and also one large table with some high-top seating.

Opposite of the buffet, there’s also a working area with several computers. While the seating in the Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki is already nice in theory, I especially fell in love with the design. The lounge is modern and looks a little bit like a Hollywood studio, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Buffet of the Aegean Lounge Thessaloniki

I’m not a real breakfast person anyway, but when it comes to lounges, I’m usually heavily disappointed of the spread.

Aegean Lougne Thessaloniki Buffet

Breakfast spread in the Aegean Lounge Thessaloniki

The only real exception are the Lufthansa Senator Lounges. At Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki, I wasn’t really disappointed, especially for a lounge in Greece.

The buffet area itself is quite spacious and there is a nice choice of liquors and other drinks even in the morning. Moreover, there are three different coffee machines, which is really cool in my opinion.

The food spread in the Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki consisted of several different savory and sweet pastries, some even hot. There were also some apples and cake available.

Entertainment in the Aegean Lounge Thessaloniki

It’s a little tough to judge the entertainment options in the Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki as we stayed at the lounge so early that newspapers were not delivered yet. Anyway, there was a choice of some Greek and also a few international magazines.

Aegean Lougne Thessaloniki Entertainment

There are a few computers with internet connection in the lounge

Moreover, the five computers, which looked rather modern, are quite nice for working. Besides, there’s Wi-Fi, which was relatively fast and reliable during our time in the Aegean Lounge Thessaloniki.

Bottom line Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki is a great lounge, but it totally serves its purpose. For a small lounge, the different seating options were more than enough and the design of the lounge was overall very pleasant.

Aegean Lougne Thessaloniki Washrooms

The washrooms are modern and clean in the Aegean Lounge Thessaloniki

The buffet is very good when it comes to drinks and average when it comes to food. Yet, I’d rather have a few pastries than just packaged food. If you are either a coffee lover or got some time prior boarding, I’d definitely recommend to check out the Aegean Business Lounge Thessaloniki!


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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