Hotel Preview: Karma Kandara Bali

Karma Kandara Bali is one of the most exclusive luxury hotels on the so-called “Billionaire’s Row”. With several exclusive villas, elegant restaurants and large gardens with extensive relaxation facilities, Karma Kandara looks like the ideal location to relax and stretch out.

The views you’ll enjoy when staying at Karma Kandara Bali are so stunning that you’ll have a really tough time to leave again.

Karma Kandara Villas

Villas (Image Source: Karma Kandara /

That doesn’t come as a surprise as Karma Kandara was built in Uluwatu at the renowned “Billionaire’s Row” for a reason. Yet, the views are only one reason, the other is the Chi, which is supposed to be especially good at this location.

However, you’ll not have to believe in Feng Shui or the Chi to have a stunning time at Karma Kandara, which you can book here for example!

Villas at Karma Kandara Bali

If you are travelling to Karma Kandara Bali as a couple or even alone, there’s not really a choice when it comes to rooms. The hotel may come with five different room types, but the categories over the One Bedroom Pool Villa are generally aiming to families and groups.

Karma Kandara Villa

Villa Bedroom (Image Source: Karma Kandara /

Each and every villa comes with a private pool, a large bathroom, extensive living facilities and a very comfortable King Bed. Surely, all luxury amenities and also tons of technical equipment including Wi-Fi connection and a large flat-screen television are available as well.

Karma Kandara Villa

Villa Bathroom (Image Source: Karma Kandara /

All the villas at Karma Kandara also come with a kitchen, which definitely differentiates the luxury property from other hotels in the area. If you are aiming for a truly unique experience, you definitely shouldn’t miss the Cliff-Front Residences, which are not extremely big, but also offer some of the most spectacular views in the world!

Food at Karma Kandara Bali

At Karma Kandara it is definitely about quality rather than quantity. There’s only a single fine-dining restaurant, which serves Mediterranean cuisine. However, “Di Mare Restaurant” is not only offering very good cuisine, but also one of the most spectacular views of the ocean you’ll find at the whole property.

Karma Kandara Restaurant

Restaurant (Image Source: Karma Kandara /

If you want to enjoy a relaxed lunch, a cocktail or a snack during the day, it’s recommendable to check out “Karma Kandara Beach”, where an extensive menu of light snacks including pizza is available. Last but not least, you can also enjoy a bite at the “Spa”, where the focus of cuisine is on health. The Spa Menu is also available at the other restaurants at Karma Kandara Bali!

Relaxation at Karma Kandara Bali

Coming to Bali, the thing you are most likely looking for, is relaxation. At Karma Kandara there’s nothing easier than to find this.

Karma Kandara Spa

Spa (Image Source: Karma Kandara /

There’s not only the private pool in every villa, but also an incredibly beautiful sand beach with full service, where you can spend a full day if you like. During the night, there is also live music with a DJ at the beach, so if you like party, you’re definitely not at the wrong place at Karma Kandara.

Karma Kandara Beach

Beach (Image Source: Karma Kandara /

Surely, the beach and the private pools are not everything Karma Kandara has to offer. There’s also a gym and a Spa offering a whole range of different treatments. If you are looking for any sports activities or other experiences, just ask the reception staff!

Prices of Karma Kandara Bali

Karma Kandara is a seriously special luxury property, which is definitely worth checking out. However, the rates are quite high. Even though Bali is not the most expensive luxury destination in the world, you need a deep pocket to fully enjoy your stay at Karma Kandara.

Karma Kandara Villa

Villa Outdoor Areas (Image Source: Karma Kandara /

The rates for the One Bedroom Pool Villa start at 380 US-Dollar (~ 335 Euro) per night excluding taxes. Villas with two bedrooms are available starting from 475 US-Dollar (~ 420 Euro) on the same rate basis. All rates include á la carte breakfast for two people. While Karma Kandara definitely isn’t the cheapest property out there, it’s definitely a good option if you are looking for real luxury!

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