Mumbai: Top things to do and see

Mumbai is nowadays one of the biggest cities in the world. However, inhabitants still prefer the name Bombay, which is how the city was named till 1996. India’s biggest city has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing. Read here what the top things to do and see are!

  1. See the Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is Mumbai’s most popular landmark. Accordingly and not any surprisingly, this is a very touristic spot in the Indian city.

Gateway of India Mumbai

Initially, the Gateway of India was built to welcome arriving ships. But in fact, it was planned in honor of King Georg V. who was in India for the first time when arriving in former Bombay.

  1. Admire Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

Right next to the Gateway of India, a big impressive building can be found when it comes to architecture.

Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

Inside is a five-star hotel which has been a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

  1. Stroll around in the Hanging Gardens

Admittedly, the name Hanging Gardens is a bit misleading as the gardens are actually terraced.,

Hanging Gardens Mumbai 3

It is very nice to stroll around there, but what was really astonishing was the fact that you can literally see how much Mumbai has to fight with the problem of pollution.

  1. Walk along Marine Drive Mumbai

Marine Drive is a pretty long road along the coast which means that you can enjoy wonderful views of the skyline of Mumbai.

Promenade Mumbai

However, walking does not seem to be very common in India, so be prepared for being asked why you do this and don’t take a rickshaw.

  1. Catch a glance at Victoria Terminus Mumbai

Victoria Terminus Mumbai is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2004.

Victoria Terminus Mumbai

To be honest, Victoria Terminus is the old name of the train station, nowadays it is called Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

  1. Keep an eye out for special architecture

Throughout Mumbai, there is a bunch of sweet little buildings such as the house of birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

Architecture Mumbai

Diverse architecture is definitely one big plus when it comes to sightseeing in Mumbai.

  1. Indulge in street life

Last but not least, the best thing to do in a city, especially in such a big city as Mumbai, is to indulge in street life.

Street Life Mumbai

Getting to know the art of living of locals, eating what they buy on the street, seeing the colors of Mumbai is the best way to get a feeling for the flair of the Indian city.


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