Special: Lunch at Ziya Mumbai

Ziya at The Oberoi Mumbai is not only the gourmet restaurant of the renowned luxury hotel in Mumbai, but also the only restaurant with three Michelin stars in the city. These preconditions really made us looking forward to a special lunch experience!

Staying at The Oberoi Mumbai and having booked a Virtuoso rate, we were invited to enjoy lunch at the three Michelin star restaurant “Ziya”, which is located one floor above the lobby. The restaurant doesn’t look extremely impressive from the outside, but as soon as you enter you’ll instantly see that Ziya is not a restaurant like any other!

Atmosphere at Ziya Mumbai

At Ziya the motto definitely is quality over quantity. The restaurant comes with approximately two dozen tables and though offers a very private atmosphere on all tables. We were lucky enough to be assigned one of the tables at the window, which made the atmosphere at Ziya even more amazing.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

You’ll feel extremly exclusive at the restaurant

I’m no fan of dark rooms at all and though the large windows with stunning views of the ocean at Ziya truly fascinated me. Definitely a good start to our dinner experience! What I found a little too opulent in my opinion is the golden table wear, which awaited us upon our arrival.

Service at Ziya Mumbai

The first minutes at Ziya Mumbai were a little disappointing, the staff was slow and not very knowledgeable. However, when it came to food recommendation, the staff extremely stepped up its game.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Bread with different sauces

All recommendations were absolutely hitting the spot and the presentation of bread with three sauces, with only one being quite spicy, made us happy guests. Also worth a mention is the amuse bouche you are offered regardless of how many courses you order.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Amouse Bouche

The lunch experience at Ziya started with a fried broccoli creation and a very taste juice shot.

Starters at Ziya Mumbai

When it came to ordering, we asked for typical Indian dishes and the chefs favorites. We were recommended the Pumpkin-Lentil Soup and the Dilli Chaat and followed the recommendation.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Fennel tempered pumpkin and lentil soup, barley and toasted walnut chaat, Bombay toast

The soup was presented in an interesting looking plate and came with a so-called “Bombay Toast”, both were heavenly. While a pumpkin soup may not sound amazing, the creation at Ziya Mumbai was just perfect.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Almond crusted tikki, chickpea masala, sweetened yoghurt, tamarind chutney resort, dahi bhalla, bhalla ice cream

The Dilli Chaat was a little more creative as it not only came with chickpea masala, but also sweetened yoghurt and ice cream. The many different tastes, spices and temperatures actually made the dish one of the most interesting (not in a negative way) I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Entrées at Ziya Mumbai

As Sabrina decided to have something non-spicy at all, the selection for her was a little limited. As we are both huge fans of Butter Chicken, she just opted with that option.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Butter Chicken

While the dish was nothing you’ll remember forever, it was still extremely tasty and among the best butter chickens I ever had. As I’m a fan all of kinds of chicken creations, I decided to give the Matka Chicken a try. This dish is served in a pot and comes with mathi sticks.

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Pot enclosed braised chicken, masala-chili rice, kachumber raita, mathi sticks

While I found the presentation to be a little boring, the taste was once again heavenly. I was also a little surprised about the big portions, something which is rare for Michelin star restaurants, but at the same time highly appreciated.

Desert at Ziya Mumbai

Not being a lunch person, I wasn’t really hungry after my main dish anymore, which is why we decided to share a desert. Once again we were offered a recommendation, which sounded just too good to be true. A selection of different chocolates with ice cream, can it get any better?

The Oberoi Mumbai Ziya

Warm marbled chocolate samosa, caramelized nutty chocolate delice, jiggery-pecan chocolate kheer, chocolate espresso lolly, chocolate pista chenna papdi, chocolate paan cola

Definitely not only the presentation was extremely creative (something was burning!), but also the taste was just heavenly. This desert truly was the perfect finish to an amazing lunch at Ziya Mumbai.

Bottom line Ziya Mumbai

While I have to say that both the food and the service were top-notch, the restaurant is extremely overpriced for a city like Mumbai. Yet, if you are celebrating a special event, you definitely can’t go wrong with dining at Ziya Mumbai at The Oberoi Hotel!


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