Hotel Review: InterContinental Warsaw

InterContinental Warsaw is widely known as one of the best luxury hotels in the Polish capital. The high rising building close to the central station has an amazing location, great facilities including a Club Lounge on the 41st floor and a pool & gym on the 43rd floor. While the hard product at InterContinental Warsaw is great indeed, there are several weaknesses as well!

Looking for a luxury hotel in Warsaw is actually quite enjoyable.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: February

There are several different properties, all with an amazing value for the money on weekend nights.

InterContinental Warsaw

InterContinental Warsaw is one of the highest skyscapers in the city

This is also true for InterContinental Warsaw, which is one of the most popular properties in the city. We decided to give not only the hotel itself, but also the Club Lounge a try.

While some things were really enjoyable, we were heavily disappointed by the service.

Executive Room at InterContinental Warsaw

For our two night stay at InterContinental Warsaw we had booked a Executive Room with access to the Club Lounge.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Room

The Executive Room at InterContinental Warsaw comes with a King Bed

As the room was located on the 36th floor, the view of the city was quite amazing. Yet, our room was located on one of the worse sides when it comes to the view.

Besides that the room looked a little dated, but still in a good shape. Upon entering, there is a small entryway with the wardrobe and the bathroom to the left.

The room itself comes with a King Bed, two bedside tables, a table with the small flat-screen television on it opposite to the bed, a relaxing armchair and a working desk with an ergonomic chair.

Something also worth mentioning are the well filled minibar, the nice windowsill, which was big enough to sit on it and enjoy the views and the very fast and reliable Wi-Fi, which is amazing for working.

Bathroom of the Executive Room

Not only the room itself, but also the bathroom of the Executive Room at InterContinental Warsaw definitely was a little past ist prime.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Room

Bathroom of the Executive Room at InterContinental Warsaw

While there was a large walk-in shower, there was no rain shower head. The extra bathtub was a nice touch, but wasn’t especially luxurious. Moreover, there was just a single sink and the toilet was not seperated.

Nevertheless, the bathroom was very clean and though totally fine for our needs. Something worth mentioning positive are the toiletries provided.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Room

The toiletries offered by InterContinental are among the best in the industry

Not only does InterContinental Warsaw offer Agraria toiletries, which are among my favorites, but also complimentary dental kits, shaving kits, cotton pads and much more.

Gym & Pool at InterContinental Warsaw

A gym located on the highest floor of one of the highest buildings in the city can’t disappoint. And it doesn’t at InterContinental Warsaw.

InterContinental Warsaw Gym

The gym at InterContinental Warsaw is spacious and comes with a lot of equipment

The gym is actually elevated and above the pool and though offers stunning views regardless of whether you are doing strength or cardio training. There are dozens of machines, free weights and there is a good supply of water.

The machines are not the most modern, but totally fine. Sadly, the pool area of InterContinental Warsaw is not on the same level. While the pool itself is fine in general, the loungers are not very comfortable and the whole area is also not very cozy.

InterContinental Warsaw Pool

Pool at InterContinental Warsaw

The jacuzzi is a nice touch and offers the same stunning views as the whole pool area, but it was constantly crowded during our stay. That’s something I have especially bad memories of.

People snapped hundreds of pictures with flash, jumped into the pool regardless of other swimming and so on. The only escape was the small sauna and steam bath area, which is quite nice.

InterContinental Warsaw SAuna

There’s also a sauna, which is way less crowded

Nevertheless, I didn’t really enjoy my time in the pool area of InterContinental Warsaw. While it is amazing in theory, the hotel makes the experience inferior through selling access for non-property guests.

Club InterContinental at InterContinental Warsaw

The Club InterContinental is located on the 41st floor and though offers amazing views of the city.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Lounge

The large Club Lounge is one of the highlights at InterContinental Warsaw

The equipment of the Club Lounge looks quite fresh and the whole interior and furnishing is very pleasant and makes you feel very comfortable.

The Club InterContinental at InterContinental Warsaw also comes with a selection of newspapers and magazines, a business corner and a conference room.

The buffet is a real hit during the day as there are sweet treats and several kinds of cookies and macaroons offered throughout the day. The dinner buffet is decent, but nothing to write home about.

On both evenings there were up to four hot dishes, but these were mostly snacks like cheese nuggets or fish cakes. The appetizer and the desert buffet were quite nice at the same time.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Lounge Dinner

There’s also a nice little selection of snacks during the day

When it comes to drinks, there is a choice of soft drinks throughout the day, while you may also enjoy a wide range of alcoholic beverages from 6 pm to 8 pm (when also dinner is served).

Breakfast at InterContinental Warsaw

We also treated ourselfs with breakfast at the Club InterContinental. Generally, I’m a fan of breakfast in lounges as it is usually very relaxed.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Lounge Breakfast

Set-up for breakfast at InterContinental Warsaw

At InterContinental Warsaw I was a little disappointed nevertheless. Even though there were not many guests, the service was everything but attentive.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Lounge Breakfast

The buffet spread is okay, but not comparable to the restaurant selection

The choice on the buffet was okay, but not good by any means. The quality of the hot dishes on the buffet was also sub-par, while the cold dishes were all of high quality.

I also took advantage of ordering omelets on both mornings, but didn’t get the ordered egg-white omelet (which is on the menu) any of the two days. On one of the days also the shrimps were lost in translation.

Service at InterContinental Warsaw

In hotel reviews, I usually make comments about service here and there, but don’t dedicate a special section to service. Yet, at InterContinental Warsaw it is worth especially focusing on this aspect of our stay. Why? Because the service was horrible in all regards.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Lounge Breakfast

Even though the quality of food was good, the quality of service wasn’t

The staff at Club InterContinental was friendly, but not attentive by any means. The staff at the gym & pool just didn’t care about any missbehavior and the staff at the reception was by far the worst. Not only were we told that our reservation got cancelled upon check-in (it was reinstanted, but without any word of excuse), but also the coding of the cards for late check-out (1 pm instead of noon) didn’t work and the check-out was not any warm and friendly in general.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Lounge

The staff in the lounge was basically the best in the whole hotel

Last but not least, the recommendations for sightseeing were absolutely horrible. O’m not sure how a brand like InterContinental can accept such bad staff, but at InterContinental Warsaw it was everything but enjoyable to interact with the employees.

Bottom line InterContinental Warsaw

When it comes to the value for the money at weekend nights, InterContinental Warsaw is a truly amazing property. If the price is way higher than 100 Euro, I’d draw a different conclusion in this hotel review as the service is just extremely weak.

InterContinental Warsaw Executive Lounge

If you get lounge access at InterContinental Warsaw, you’ll have a decent stay for sure

The rooms at InterContinental Warsaw are fine, but a little dated and the gym & pool is amazing in theory, but not in practice. The Club InterContinental definitely is the nicest place to hang out and relax and the food selection is actually totally fine overall. Nevertheless, I’m not sure whether I’ll return to InterContinental Warsaw. Next time I’m in the city I’ll definitely test some other properties.

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7 Comments on “Hotel Review: InterContinental Warsaw”

  1. The club lounge looks top notch for the property. Were you only offered breakfast in the lounge or you could also dine at the main restaurant?

    • Breakfast in the main restaurant was not actively offered, so I doubt that it was included. It’s quite good though (I’ve tried it at another occasion)

      • Breakfast at the restaurant is excellent (plus the live harp music:) but you have to pay extra for it, It’s not included when booking the Executive Room.

      • I was made aware that the breakfast in the restaurant should be very good. I’m gonna try it next time I’m at the property!

  2. I would recommend the Sofitel Victoria in Warsaw for a top class hotel chain. Be sure to choose the modernised rooms. The location is fantastic. Awesome swimming pool. The hotel manages to be chic and charming.

    I find the photos of the rooms at the Intercontinental very off putting as they look so dated. Also the location whilst central is not the best if you really want to get a sense of Warsaw.

    Go for the Sofitel or Bristol or even one of the new boutiques.

    • Hey Julian, thank for you comment! Having stayed at a couple of hotels in Warsaw, I can highly agree on the Sofitel and the Bristol (as well as the new Raffles as soon as it opens) if you are looking for a nice property for sightseeing. I’d say the IC location is better for business, while the “real” Warsaw with the old town is in the area of the Sofitel or the Bristol. I’ll try to review those sometime soon as well 🙂

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