Airline Review: Turkish Airlines (long haul Economy)

The Turkish Airlines long haul Economy Class is one of the products you are able to book on pretty much all markets around the world. The airline flies to the most destinations of all airlines on this planet and is still continuing to grow. However, the interesting question is whether it is worth flying with the airline, which got several awards. Learn more in our airline review!

Check out our rating of the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy Class!

Flying Economy Class on longer routes is never really enjoyable, especially when you are talking of flights longer than twelve hours. We booked flights from Istanbul to Sao Paulo and return and so had the “pleasure” to enjoy the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy Class for a long time.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Seat

The Economy Class in the Turkish Airlines Boeing comes with a 3-3-3 configuration

This route is operated by a Boeing 777-300ER in a Business Class and Economy Class configuration (there’s also a 777-300ER with Premium Economy Class in the Turkish Airlines fleet) and comes with a 3-3-3 configuration in Economy Class.

Seating in the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy

With just nine seats abreast, the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy is more comfortable than what most other airlines offer in the Boeing 777-300ER.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Seat

The seats in Economy Class come in a very fresh design

The seats themselves come with a decent seat pitch, which we however can’t really judge as we were lucky enough to secure exit row seats on both legs.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Seat

The Exit Row comes with extremly generous seat pitch

Rows 24 and 40 are especially recommendable as there is more than just plenty of legroom. The seats in the Turkish Airlines Economy Class come with a very fresh design and are colored light blue.

The adjustable headrests are either dark blue or red with accents in the other color. Even though the seats are never really comfortable in Economy Class, the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy Class seats were actually quite okay, even for such a long flight.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Seat

The pillow and the blanket offered are average

The seat comes with some recline and you are also offered both, a blanket and a pillow. While there usually is some storage room in the seat in front of you, there is rarely any when seated in an exit row.

Tip: If you want to secure an exit row seat, you have to ask at check-in, so better be early!

Food in the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy

There are some people who find it rather needless to right about food in airline reviews about Economy Class.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Drink

After departure you’re offered a drink even in Economy Class

I’m hardly of this opinion as I feel like the food still differs heavily between the airlines.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Menu

Menu in the Turkish Airlines Economy Class

Turkish Airlines in particular has a reputation of offering very good food in all service classes. Upon departure you are generally offered a menu including all the meals, drinks and options available.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Kitchen Dinner

Dinner in the Turkish Airlines Economy Class (Köfte)

Generally, the only choice you have is between two different main dishes.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Kitchen Dinner

Dinner in the Turkish Airlines Economy Class (Pasta)

On our flights in the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy, we tasted three different meals (we skipped breakfast on the way back as it was served at 4am local time).

While none was any exceptional, quality and taste were actually okay.

The only real problem I had about the food was the fact that it was not really warm, regardless of being seated in row 24 or 40.

Entertainment in the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy

Something I find very important in airline reviews for long haul flights are the entertainment options. Especially when you are flying for a full 14 hours, you need something to stay entertained.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Magazines

Turkish Airlines offers quite a good board magazine

While I’m generally working on my laptop (with or without Wi-Fi), I also read a newspaper or watch a movie on such a long flight. Turkish Airlines offers a very good experience in this regard, even in Economy Class.

Turkish Airlines offers Wi-Fi for a very fair price

Turkish Airlines offers Wi-Fi for a very fair price

First of all, there’s a board magazine, which is one of the better ones in the industry. Second, there’s Wi-Fi available, which is priced reasonably with 15 US-Dollar for the full flight.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Entertainment

The entertainment system comes with a modern screen

Third, there is a personal entertainment system with a big touchscreen, which responds quickly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The choice is absolutely fine and you’ll be able to enjoy several of the newest movies as well as dozens of different series when flying in the Turkish Airlines long haul Economy Class!

Bottom line Turkish Airlines long haul Economy

Till today, our airline review of the Etihad Airways long haul Economy Class is the most successful post on traveluxblog. That doesn’t come as a surprise as Etihad Airways offers the best Economy Class product on long haul products of all airlines I’ve ever had the pleasure of flying with.

Turkish Airlines comes quite close in this regard. The seats are comfortable and the legroom is good even when not seated in an exit row. The offered food is definitely in the upper third compared with what other airlines offer in Economy Class.

Last but not least, the entertainment options in the Turkish Airlines Economy Class are absolutely great. I’d definitely give the Turkish Airlines Economy Class another try in the future. However, I hope I’ll have the pleasure to also review the Turkish Airlines Business Class!

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  2. Thank you for this review, it was very helpful! Can you please specify which row have you been seated at? Is it 24 or 40?
    I just booked a flight with Turkish Airlines to SFO on the exit row (24) and I’m wondering if there’s any lavatory around or anything that can bother my sleep.

    • Hey Yuval, this is actually row 40. Yet, neither 24 nor 40 are near a lavatory (those are in the back and between Economy and Business). The legroom in row 40 is even more extensive (like 2 meters), while row 24 (which has like 1 meter legroom) doesn’t have a bothersome galley. Actually, the noise wasn’t too bad and only at very limited times, but row 24 might be a better choice overall. I hope that’s helpful 🙂

      • Thanks for the quick response 🙂
        I actually flew a few times with TK to SFO but the last time was 2 years ago and for some reason I can’t remember how the plain looks like. So according to this, is it possible that there are only one lavatory for economy class at the back of the plain? Or the ones in front row 11 are for economy class also? Just wondering…
        And also, I got the 24A seat- is this going to be a problem with the legroom because of the “bump” the exit door has (I think it’s the emergency slide)? Or it isn’t like that on that exact plain?
        Thank you again!

      • I’m not 100% sure about the door problematic as I was always seated in C, but there definitely some sort-of leg room restriction on A, which my companion at the same time complained about. Thus, I’d say that this might not be the ideal option. Speaking of the lavatories: I’ve been flying TK quite often and as far as I’m concerned, Business Class has two lavatories (one in the front and one behind the cabin), while the rest (all in the back and one in the front) is for Economy Class. That’s quite few toiletes in my regard, but it wasn’t that much of a problem on my flights.

      • Thank you so much, that’s very helpful 🙂 I’m actually asking about the lavatories not because of the need to use them, but because I’m conserned that it’s exactly in front of row 24, which is where I seat at. Even though you said there isn’t any, and I also saw on SearGuru that there isn’t as well, I saw some photos and read a few comments online of people whe said that there is. Very confusing… I wonder if there are a few models for the 777-300er.
        (I love going on vacations, I just hate the flying part, so that’s why all my questions). So you’re saying I should stick to my choice of row 24? (And the extra 79$ I paid for that of course 🙂

      • Now that you are saying it… I’m actually not 100 percent sure about toilets in row 24 tbh. I’m not seeing any on Seat Guru as well and don’t remember them, but I’m flying so often each year that I can’t really recall everything in detail. In my row (the second ER) there wasn’t one for sure, so that will definitely guarantee you to not be stuck at a seat next to the toilet. Sorry that I can’t give you that info for certain 🙁

  3. Hello and thanks for the great article. Do the exit row seats recline? We booked 40B & C for our November vacation. I guess I should have asked before booking 😊. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  4. I’m doing a survey on which airlines are aloud to bring their own personal seat belt extenders on the air craft .So far Every airlines I contacted said yes they are allowed , What about Turkish airlines? Thank you for your time on this ..Lisa

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