Hotel Review: Sofitel Florianopolis

Sofitel Florianopolis is one of only a few luxury hotels in the Southern Brazilian city. As Florianopolis itself is not very big and is also not known as a touristic hotspot, the hotel landscape is a little underdeveloped. Even though being one of the best options in Florianopolis, I wasn’t necessarily impressed by Sofitel Florianopolis.

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After more than 18 hours in planes and airports, we were more than just happy to finally arrive at Sofitel Florianopolis, which is located a quick 15 minutes ride from Florianopolis Airport.

Sofitel Florianopolis Welcome Treatment

Being a Le Club Accor Gold member, I was offered a little welcome treatment

The luxury hotel is on the rather smaller side and offers three room types as well as two suite types. We had the pleasure to be upgraded to a Superior Room, which basically means that the room is having partial sea view instead of no view.

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Besides that, the check-in was efficient and friendly and I was happy to be recognized as a Le Club Accor Gold member and granted all benefits.

Superior Room at Sofitel Florianopolis

All three room categories at Sofitel Florianopolis are on the rather small side.

Sofitel Florianopolis Superior Room

Superior Room at Sofitel Florianopolis

Usually I don’t try to focus on size too much in a hotel review, but I was surprised that the room at Sofitel Florianopolis was that small nevertheless.

Sofitel Florianopolis Superior Room

The bathroom is located in a small cubicle to the back of the room

Upon entering, there was a bathroom with the size of a shoe box to the left and the main room straight ahead. The centerpiece of the Superior Room is the Queen Bed, which is surrounded by two bedside tables.

The bed is facing a rather old flat-screen television. Next to the window there’s an armchair and also a working table with a chair. Besides the size, the Superior Room at Sofitel Florianopolis also looked a little worn out and in need of refreshment.

Sofitel Florianopolis Rooftop

The partial ocean view was quite nice

That’s definitely true for the window, which was so bad that you pretty much heard all the street noises. The view was quite nice at the same time!

Bathroom of the Superior Room

This section will be quite short in this hotel review as there’s not a lot to write about.

Sofitel Florianopolis Superior Room

It’s tough to present a picture of the whole bathroom as it was so small

Upon entering the bathroom of the Superior Room, you instantly find yourself in front of the sink with the toilet to the right and the shower, which is decent, to the left.

There’s not really any place to move and there’s also not much storage room. The bathrooms at Sofitel Florianopolis definitely don’t make you think of a luxury hotel.

Sofitel Florianopolis Superior Room

The toiletries offered at Sofitel Florianopolis are L’Occitane branded

Yet, the L’Occitane toiletries provided are of a very high quality.

Pool at Sofitel Florianopolis

Usually I’m covering not only the pool, but also the gym of a hotel in this section. Sofitel Florianopolis also has a gym, but I just wasn’t able to enter it.

Sofitel Florianopolis Pool

The pool is located on the rooftop

After I got my fourth room card (I was always asking for a new one to finally get access) and the access was still not working, I gave up. The hotel mentioned something about computer problems at check-out.

Sofitel Florianopolis Rooftop

Lounging next to the pool was spectacular due to the great views

That said, the pool at Sofitel Florianopolis is absolutely amazing. Located on the top floor (that’s where the gym is as well), you enjoy a brilliant view of the sea and the city’s skyline.

There are also a few loungers and a Jacuzzi, which make it enjoyable to relax a little bit.

Sofitel Florianopolis Jacuzzia

There’s also a hot jacuzzi

The pool at Sofitel Florianopolis might not be the biggest, but it has a great view and a nice temperature, so there’s nothing negative to say about it!

Breakfast at Sofitel Florianopolis

Due to our late arrival we didn’t have the chance to try a real bite at Sofitel Florianopolis. However, we enjoyed breakfast the next morning.

Sofitel Florianopolis Menu

Room service menu at Sofitel Florianopolis

This one is served in the hotel’s only restaurant on the ground floor. Taking into account that we are talking of breakfast at a luxury hotel, I was a little disappointed by Sofitel Florianopolis.

Sofitel Florianopolis Breakfast

The breakfast buffet at Sofitel Florianopolis was a little disappointing

Not only was the breakfast room dark and a little too small for the number of guests, but there was also neither coffee service nor an option of ordering hot meals like omelets.

Instead, you had to grab everything including coffee on the buffet. While the choice was decent, the quality was a little lackluster.

I was especially surprised by the boring and blend tasting hot dishes on the buffet. However, if you stick to the fresh fruits, you’ll enjoy a decent breakfast at Sofitel Florianopolis!

Bottom line Sofitel Florianopolis

Writing a conclusion for this hotel review about Sofitel Florianopolis, it is worth mentioning that the rates at the property are very low from time to time. If you just think of the value for the money, my experience at Sofitel Florianopolis was quite nice.

Sofitel Florianopolis Welcome Drink

Welcome Drink at Sofitel Florianopolis

However, if you expect a real luxury hotel, you’ll be disappointed by Sofitel Florianopolis. The hotel is absolutely fine for a decent experience, but besides the pool, there’s a lack of “wow” factors you might expect!

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