Running at Ponta dos Ganchos

Running at Ponta dos Ganchos is more about some nice pictures rather than an actual running guide. It’s also a post about how things can’t always go the way you expect even when you are an experienced traveler and runner. Yet, we might always make the best out of it!

As we had an early departure, we had the pity to leave Ponta dos Ganchos Resort way too early in the morning.

  • Distance: 2 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 80 meters
  • Calories burned: 125-175
  • Month: March
  • Weather: Sunny

Nevertheless, I decided to have a run at sunrise to enjoy the beautiful nature of the resort. Generally, there are two tracks where you can go running and enjoy the scenery at the same time.

Running at Ponta dos Ganchos

Map of my run at Ponta dos Ganchos (tracked by Runtastic)

With a total distance of around six kilometers, it would have been the perfect start into the day. That’s especially true as the weather was beautiful!

When suddenly the door is closed

When checking in to Ponta dos Ganchos Resort, I was told about the two possible routes for running.

Running at Ponta dos Ganchos

The normal paths at Ponta dos Ganchos are not extremly attractive for running

There was no information about those routes to be closed during the night. Well, running in the morning I tried to take the first track… and there was a door, which was closed with a lock.

Running at Ponta dos Ganchos

That’s how the tracks I was planning on running at look like

Then I tried the second track, which was working fine for a few hundred meters and then again… a door with a lock.

Well, there was nobody on property at this time, so I decided that there’s no option than to just run inside the resort for this morning.

Alternatives must be taken

So instead of a typical running guide, what you’ll get today is a little resort tour of Ponta dos Ganchos!

Running at Ponta dos Ganchos

The spectacular views made running at Ponta dos Ganchos enjoyable nevertheless

As the resort is not that big and only has a mere 25 villas, there’s not so much to see, but some views are so adorable that they are worth sharing nevertheless.

Upon leaving my villa, I made it to the beach and the private island of the resort, both absolutely beautiful.

Following is the inside of the resort, where you also catch spectacular views from time to time.

And then there’s also the area with the tennis court, where there’s a view of another beach.

Running at Ponta dos Ganchos

Even when things don’t go like planned, they can still be very enjoyable

This might have been the shortest running guide on traveluxblog ever, but it also shows you one thing: even the most experienced travelers sometimes face problems… and try to make the best out of it! So enjoy my failure!


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