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Hilton Jaipur is one of several Hilton properties in India. As I’m a HH Diamond member, I decided that I can’t fault with trying a Hilton hotel in India, especially when it is rated with five stars. Sadly, I couldn’t have been more wrong as Hilton Jaipur was one of the most disappointing hotels on our trip. Learn more in our extensive hotel review!

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When it comes to hotel reviews, I rarely mention points like safety or noise. That’s because I expect neither to be a problem in a luxury hotel.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: February

However, both things were such a big problem at Hilton Jaipur that my stay could hardly be described enjoyable. But let’s start with the check-in, which happened in late evening.

Lobby Hilton Jaipur

Lobby of Hilton Jaipur

The choice of rooms was limited as the hotel was fully booked. In this situation, it was also acceptable for me that we didn’t get a real upgrade, but rather a room on a high floor.

While the check-in was not extremely friendly or warm, it was quite efficient.

Executive Room at Hilton Jaipur               

The pictures of the Executive Rooms at Hilton Jaipur on the hotel’s website look quite promising.

Hilton Jaipur Executive Room

The Excecutive Room didn’t look bad at first sight

While I usually expect rooms to look a little less appealing in reality, I was actually surprised how nice the room at Hilton Jaipur was.

Hilton Jaipur Executive Room

The King Bed is very comfortable

Upon entering there was the bathroom to the right and a wardrobe to the left. Following was the room with the King Bed with two bedside tables on the right side.

Closer to the window, there’s a sofa with a small table. The minibar is well stocked for Indian standards and the view from the 8th floor is quite nice.

Hilton Jaipur View

The view of Jaipur was quite nice as well

If it just would be this hard product, I would have been truly happy about my stay at Hilton Jaipur. However, the triple noise from the street, the bar above the room and the ventilation made staying in the room hardly bearable.

As if that’s not enough, the cleaning was not any thoroughly done. Not even the towels were clean.

Bathroom of the Executive Room

Executive Rooms at Hilton Jaipur come with a decent bathroom with a toilet, a sink, a bathtub and a rain shower.

Hilton Jaipur Executive Room

In theory, also the bathroom was very nice

The bathroom also had a large window to the room and a privacy blend. In theory, there’s again nothing bad to say about the bathroom of the Executive Room.

Yet, all of this is worth nothing if the staff just doesn’t do the cleaning right.

Hilton Jaipur Executive Room

Toiletries at Hilton Jaipur

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that at least the typical Hilton toiletries were available and also two (clean) face cloths awaited me.

Pool & Gym at Hilton Jaipur

Writing this hotel review about Hilton Jaipur, I have to think about the tremendous potential of the hotel several times. This thought also comes up when talking of the pool and the gym.

Hilton Jaipur Spa

The entrance to the relaxation area looks promising

The latter is bright and large enough for several machines. However, the space of the gym is not used any intelligent, so you can just find a few machines and some weights.

Hilton Jaipur Gym

The gym is big… but not very well equipped

Another sad fact: the two times I visited the gym, I never got a towel.

The pool, which is right next to the gym is outdoor and looks not brilliant, but totally fine. Sadly, the temperature is so low that it is hardly usable in winter.

Another awkward thing, which didn’t surprise me after my experiences with the room at Hilton Jaipur, is the condition of the loungers, which are totally dirty and though look everything but inviting.

“Dinner” at Hilton Jaipur

On the evening of arrival, I ordered a Caesar Salad as a snack after my workout. The room service prices at Hilton Jaipur are actually quite fair and the salad also looked good at first.

Hilton Jaipur Room Service

The Caesar Salad looks quite decent, isn’t it?

The first bites I had were also quite okay, but I already recognized that there was a little too much dressing. After a few more bites I recognized why there was so much dressing: the salad was just everything but fresh. Nearly every leaf was already brown at more than one part.

Hilton Jaipur Room Service

Looking closer sadly has consequences at Hilton Jaipur

It’s not only disgusting that something like that happens at a five-star hotel, but it’s even more worrisome that the agents at check-out didn’t care about me mentioning the problem.

Breakfast at Hilton Jaipur

As the Executive Lounge at Hilton Jaipur closes at 8 pm, I didn’t have the chance to check out the lounge in the evening. However, the lounge itself is quite nice and also comes with good views.

Hilton Jaipur Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge is quite nice

The breakfast spread was disappointing at the same time. There were a few Indian hot items and a small continental selection.

While my experience with the staff at Hilton Jaipur was not positive at all times, it is worth noting that the staff at the Executive Lounge (we were the only guests having breakfast) was very friendly and attentive.

Hilton Jaipur Breakfast

You are served several dishes on request

Plus, we were offered that we might order everything we’d like and the chef would freshly prepare it. That’s how I like breakfast in the Executive Lounge!

Bottom line Hilton Jaipur

It’s worth noting that I got a compensation of 15.000 Hilton Honors points for my stay at Hilton Jaipur, from Hilton and not from the hotel to be precise. And that’s exactly why I wouldn’t recommend staying at Hilton Jaipur. The hotel’s hardware is amazing.

Hilton Jaipur Room Service

At first sight, everything at Hilton Jaipur is very nice, but looking closer, you won’t enjoy the property

The rooms are very nice, the bathrooms are five-star standards, the gym is big and bright, the Executive Lounge is a good place to spend some time and the pool is good for a dip. Yet, that’s it. The management doesn’t really seem to give a shit about what’s happening with the property and also doesn’t care for feedback. I’m sure Hilton Jaipur could be a great property with someone taking hands on the hotel, but for now I can’t recommend the property.

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