Running in Barcelona (City Center Edition)

This version of running in Barcelona focuses on running in the city center. While our first post about running in Barcelona featured the amazing Tibidabo area, you’ll learn more about the historic center and the beautiful harbor in this post. Enjoy beautiful Barcelona from a sportive perspective!

We all know Barcelona as a sunny city, which is generally blessed by the weather.

Running in Barcelona

My run through Barcelona (tracked by Runtastic)

Well, when it comes to running in Barcelona, I wasn’t really lucky. It was not only cloudy, it was even raining. Sounds unbelievable? Well, see yourself!

  • Distance: 6.5 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 85 meters
  • Calories burned: 400-450
  • Month: December
  • Weather: Sunny

The weather nightmare already started upon leaving Hotel Majestic Barcelona, where I started my run!

History and culture in the city center

My plan for this run was combining some nice views of the sea with culture from the city center. Starting at Passeig de Gràcia, it was easy to find some beautiful buildings.

Be it Casa Battló or Casa Lleó I Morera, there is stunning architecture at pretty much every step!

The next highlight of the run definitely was Plaza de Catalunya, which was still quite empty in the morning. Well, even better for taking some nice pictures!

Las Ramblas Barcelona

Las Ramblas were extremly empty in the morning hours

Also very enjoyable: Las Ramblas with rarely any people.

Like that you can really admire the buildings to the left and the right as the shopping street definitely is not only about buying things, but also about nice architecture!

Yachts and palms at the harbor

On my way to the harbor of Barcelona, I passed some more interesting buildings.

Mirador de Colon Barcelona

At the end of Las Ramblas, you can spot several interesting buildings

One I especially like is Teatre Principal Barcelona, but the Mirador de Colom and the buildings around are quite nice as well.

The closer I got to the water while running in Barcelona, the worse the weather got.

That’s especially funny as the harbor of Barcelona is like a little Mediterranean wonderland with several yachts and palms.

At least there are also some interesting buildings like Basilica de la Mercè, which can cheer you up even when the weather is relatively horrible.

Art and impressiveness in the old town

The route of running in Barcelona, which I’m presenting here is definitely recommendable.

There are several stunning buildings on the way back as well. These include the Barcelona Cathedral and the Palau de la Música, which I still find to be one of the most impressive buildings in Barcelona.

Yet, not only the big buildings, but also the little streets are definitely worth checking out. Even though the weather was horrible, I wouldn’t have liked to miss running in Barcelona.

If you want some “nicer” pictures of the sights presented in this running guide, I recommend check out our city review!


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