Hotel Review: Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice is one of several five star hotels in the city. As the prices for the property tend to be quite high due to the amazing location right next to Piazza San Marco, I expected a lot. Surprisingly, I was not disappointed even though I’m not a huge fan of Italian hotels. The service throughout our stay was amazing and the food we enjoyed could have hardly been any better, too!

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Upon entering Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice you’ll feel like you entered another world. The hotel is located in an old city palace and has a truly charming lobby.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: December

Even when you are no fan of classic interior as I am, you’ll enjoy the lobby nevertheless as it’s just nice!

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Junior Suite

Welcome Treatment at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

The check-in procedure and the service were exceptional at the same time, even the general manager came to say hello.

Not only that, but he also handed over a special gift, a little glass piece made in Murano.

Junior Suite at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

After we enjoyed a leisurely walk through Venice, we decided to have a glimpse of our room.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Junior Suite

The Junior Suite at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice comes with one large room

As we were upgraded to a Junior Suite, we were to enjoy a rather spacious room. The Junior Suite was separated in a very large wardrobe and entrance area, one room with a King Bed, two bedside tables, a flat screen television, a couch, an armchair as well as a working desk with a normal chair.

The design was exactly what I expected for Venice, but it was yet a little less kitschy than expected, which was definitely a plus.

The room at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice was exceptionally clean and felt very cozy. The only really negative thing was that the room was relatively dark as it directly faced other buildings (so there was no real view at all).

The welcome present was lovely at the same time. We were awaited not only by a large bottle of sparkling wine, but also by some macaroons!

Bathroom of the Junior Suite

While I liked the normal areas of the Junior Suite at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice, I was actually blown away by the amazing bathroom.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Junior Suite

The spacious bathroom was a real highlight of our room at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

Not only did the bathroom have a window, but it looked also very modern. While the style was adjusted to the rest of the room, everything was exceptionally clean and in a perfect condition. I assume that the bathroom got renovated lately as it just looked brand new.

A seperated toilet with a bidet, a large deep-soaking tub and a large walk-in shower – is there anything else you could look out for in a luxury hotel like Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice? Well, maybe great Spa products.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Junior Suite

The Ortigia amenities were absolutely amazing

The ones provided were by Ortigia and were not only extremly large, but also some of the best products we ever found at luxury hotels!

Dinner at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

After walking through Venice all the day, we decided to use our 100 US-Dollar food & beverage voucher I got as a Leaders Club Unlimited member in the hotel’s signature restaurant.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Restaurant

Restaurant at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

As we were having dinner fairly early, we were the first guests in the restaurant and instantly received very friendly and personal service.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Dinner

Set-up for dinner at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

The set-up was a little classic, but reminded me of dinners in other grand hotels.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Dinner

Dinner started with an amuse bouche

We opted for a two course dinner and skipped the starter as we were not extremly hungry.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Dinner

The choice of bread was truly amazing as well

As a main, Sabrina tried the pasta with a special bolognese, while I opted for the fish.

Both dishes were a little small, but tasted just brilliant. For desert, Sabrina opted for the choice with the most chocolate, while I decided to have the sample plate with all deserts in small portions.

I can just say wow as these deserts were really amazing, not one, not two, but actually all!

Breakfast at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

If there’s something Italian hotels are weak in, it is breakfast. At Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice we were surprised positively once again.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Breakfast

Breakfast restaurant at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

Served in a very large room, which reminded me of the typical Italian palace, the buffet was way better than expected.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Breakfast

The buffet was way better than expected

Besides the typical enormously large selection of sweet items, the buffet also came with several cold cuts, cheeses, salmon, fresh fruits, packaged joghurts, mueslis and a choice of bread.

While I’ve seen better selections, I was actually quite satisfied taking into account that breakfast in Southern Europe usually is totally lackluster.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Breakfast

The cappuccino served was heavenly

Additionally, we were invited to order hot dishes from the menu, but as we were not hungry we didn’t try any of the very tempting dishes.

Bottom line Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

At this point, it is worth mentioning that there is neither a gym nor a pool or anything like a Spa at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice. If you are fine with this, you’ll surely have an amazing time at the property. However, I honestly think that the good service we received was also due to low occupancy in winter, so the experience may be a little worse in high season.

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice Junior Suite

The bathroom alone makes the Junior Suite at Luna Hotel Baglioni amazing

Our Junior Suite was quite nice and had a stunning bathroom and the quality of all the food offered, while very expensive, is very good. Overall, I’d definitely return to Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice. Yet, you should be aware that prices in summer can be very high, making the value for the money a little worse.

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