Lounge Review: Etihad Airways Lounge Paris

Etihad Airways Lounge Paris is one of several new lounges in the network of Etihad Airways, which opened during the last months. The lounge is accessible for all passengers either flying Etihad Airways or Jet Airways Business or First Class or holding a frequent flyer status, which grants access to the lounge. The modern design definitely makes the lounge a nice place to spend some time!

In the past, we’ve reviewed the Etihad Airways Premium Lounge in Abu Dhabi Terminal 1 as well as the lounge in Terminal 3. I was interested in seeing how the outstation lounges of Etihad Airways are and so I took the chance to catch a glimpse when flying the Jet Airways Business Class to Mumbai.

Etihad Lounge Paris Seating

Especially for just one flight at a time, the Etihad Lounge Paris is relatively extensive

As the next Etihad Airways flight left several hours later, the lounge was only semi-operational. On the positive side, the lounge was relatively empty as there were just a few Jet Airways passengers.

Seating in the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris

The Etihad Airways Lounge Paris is one of the smaller lounges at Charles de Gaulle Airport. It’s way smaller than for example all Air France Lounges at the airport, but there’s usually not more than one flight at a time, which definitely puts the size into perspective!

Etihad Lounge Paris Seating

There’s a large dining area with table sets

However, I found the design to be very tasteful. Upon entering, you’ll find a little working area with iMacs to the rights and a children’s play area to the left.

Etihad Lounge Paris Seating

Further in the lounge, there are lots of comfortable armchairs

The main area of the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris is a large room with several partitions for more privacy. There’s one large TV area, where you can find comfortable armchairs and also a large dining area with some dining tables and high-top seating next to the window.

Etihad Lounge Paris Seating

There’s also some hihg-top seating in the dining area

In the back of the lounge, there is more typical lounge style seating in a very nice setting with a large bookshelf to the left and the windows to the right.

Generally, I find the design of the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris to be very nice.

Etihad Lounge Paris Seating

Etihad sets the standards high when it comes to design

Personally, I find the design to be one of the most important aspects in a lounge review as it’s mostly about the comfort of seating for me when it comes to lounges.

Food in the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris

Generally, Etihad Airways offers great food and mostly very extensive buffets. At the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris I was kind of surprised to find nothing but a small buffet.

Etihad Lounge Paris Buffet

The buffet in the Etihad Lounge Paris is surprisingly small

The buffet selection in the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris consisted of a few little snacks as well as an extensive selection of bread.

However, it’s not really fair judging the food in this lounge review as there is also a menu with on-demand options. Yet, those were not available prior the Jet Airways flight, which is a major downer when you are not flying with Etihad Airways, but the partner using the lounge.

Etihad Lounge Paris Dinner

There’s also a menu, which you can take advantage of

While the quality was very high, I also found the service to be sub-par. The staff rather had a “I don’t care” mentality instead of helping guests to have a good time in the dining area.

Entertainment in the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris

Etihad Airways doesn’t offer a great entertainment selection in the lounges at the hub in Abu Dhabi as there is a lack of international newspapers.

Etihad Lounge Paris Newspapers

There are newspapers and magazines available in several languages

However, the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris comes with a rich selection of French, English and Arabic newspapers as well as several magazines in various languages.

Etihad Lounge Paris Television

You might also watch TV in the Etihad Lounge Paris

Besides that, there is the mentioned business center with iMac computers and a printer. Moreover, you can find several televisions showing news channels throughout the lounge, so you’ll definitely stay up to date while spending time in the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris.

Etihad Lounge Paris Computers

Computers with internet access are provided free of charge

Surely, there’s also Wi-Fi, which worked okay, but by no means good during the short while we spent in the lounge.

Bottom line Etihad Airways Lounge Paris

We didn’t really have a lot time to enjoy the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris, but even the first impressions were very good. I found the whole design with the different seating areas to be very comfortable and also liked the idea of the lounge having several secluded areas to add more privacy.

Etihad Lounge Paris Kids Corner

There’s even a kids corner in the Etihad Lounge Paris

All the additional features like showers, a business center and the children’s area definitely add value to the lounge. The only downer was the weak service in the dining area and the lack of real food prior the Jet Airways flight. Nevertheless, I’d definitely recommend visiting the Etihad Airways Lounge Paris if you have access! It’s definitely a very nice place to spend time prior to your departure!



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