Airline Review: Air Dolomiti (Economy)

Flying the Air Dolomiti Economy Class feels a little bit like taking a private jet. As Air Dolomiti only has Embraer 195 jets in its fleet, you’ll always get a small airplane in a 2-2 configuration. As you’ll see in this airline review there are many more positive aspects about Air Dolomiti. If you want to fly Air Dolomiti yourself, there are a few routes from and to Munich and Frankfurt, where the small regional carrier flies several frequencies a day.

I’m quite a fan of small boutique airlines as you’ve most likely recognized in my review of Luxair.

  • Airplane: Embraer 195
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 32 Inch (81 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

Air Dolomiti is pretty similar as even the Economy Class feels like you are taking a private jet. The 2-2 configuration is very relaxed and allows you to either stretch out when you are lucky enough to not have a seat mate or have some privacy if you are flying with someone.

Air Dolomiti Embraer 190

Air Dolomiti with its small jets is a nice way to fly in Europe

Yet, there are not too many options to try Air Dolimiti as there are only a few daily flights between Frankfurt and destinations in Northern Italy, which are operated by Air Dolomiti.

Air Dolomiti View

The views when flying over the Alps with Air Dolomiti are gorgeous

If you are flying to or departing from Munich, there are more options as Air Dolomiti not only flies to several destinations in Northern Italy including Bologna, Verona and Mailand, but also several other frequencies for Lufthansa including flights to Brussels and Amsterdam.

Seating in the Air Dolomiti Economy

The Air Dolomiti Embraer 195 jets come with 31 rows of which some are reserved for Business Class. The 2-2 configuration makes flying without any doubt more comfortable than a 3-3 configuration.

Air Dolomiti Seating

The Embraer jets come with a 2-2 configuration

What’s more a question of taste is the design used by Air Dolomiti. The seats come in a greenish color, which is quite rare to find in the world of airlines.

Air Dolomiti Seating

The seat pitch is nothing to write home about, yet decent

Yet, isn’t it nice to write about something new and unique in an airline review? Besides that, Air Dolomiti offers quite comfortable seats in Economy Class as the airline doesn’t use the same seats as Lufthansa, which has rather uncomfortable seats in the Economy Class.

Something else worth mentioning positively about Air Dolomiti is the nice seat pitch of 32 Inch!

Food in the Air Dolomiti Economy

Something which makes Air Dolomiti a unique airline for me is the very good and warm service, which you even receive in Economy Class.

Air Dolomiti Catering

You are served drinks and a snack in the Air Dolomiti Economy Class

After boarding you are offered a packaged towel to refresh yourself and after departure you can enjoy a full drinks service (feel free to ask for more than one drink) as well as a little snack (on my particular Air Dolomiti flight I’m reviewing here it was a tasty packaged croissant).

Air Dolomiti Catering

The packaged croissant was quite tasty

While the catering is nothing special and pretty similar what Lufthansa offers in Economy Class, I still found it decent taking into account the length of the flight.

Entertainment in the Air Dolomiti

While Lufthansa currently starts to equip more and more airplanes with an entertainment system with a wireless connection including Wi-Fi internet, similar changes are not planned for Air Dolomiti.

Air Dolomiti Entertainment

The magazines are relatively nice

This means that you have to rely on “static” entertainment including newspapers, which are offered prior or upon boarding (depending on your point of departure) as well as the board magazine. As the flights operated by Air Dolomiti are generally short and there is usually an international selection of newspapers, I’m totally fine with this kind of entertainment.

Air Dolomiti Postcards

Air Dolomiti also offers postcards you might take away

Plus, if you are flying to Italy over the Alps, you are usually rewarded with stunning views. There’s rarely any better entertainment than this!

Bottom line Air Dolomiti Economy

Economy Class short haul flights are generally nothing to write home about. However, I found the Air Dolomiti Economy Class to be one of the more enjoyable ones out there.

The small planes, the friendly and warm atmosphere and the decent food and entertainment choices make the ride a little superior to flying with Lufthansa in my opinion. So if you have the choice, I’d recommend you’ll go for the Air Dolomiti flight. You definitely won’t have a bad time!

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3 Comments on “Airline Review: Air Dolomiti (Economy)”

  1. I recently flew on Air Dolmiti Lyon – Munich. I didn’t even know this airline existed until last month, and maybe its partially because I had a great experience last year in the Dolomite’s, but I also really liked Air Dolomiti!! I agree with you – the service, design, and size of the flight/airplane really works well! I’d go with them again, if given the chance (which is more than I can say about Luthansa… definitely NOT my favourite!)

    • Great to hear you also had a good experience with Air Dolomiti! They’ve started flying several routes on behalf of Lufthansa a few months ago (including Amsterdam, Brussels and Lyon among others) and they also kept on flying the routes to Northern Italy. While I don’t find Lufthansa “bad”, I still like flying Air Dolomiti more (especially due to the tiny Embraer aircrafts)

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