City Guide: Dallas

Dallas is a popular city in Texas, United States of America. In contrast to many European cities, Dallas has no old town. However, downtown Dallas is pretty interesting, even when the city’s history doesn’t date back to the Medieval Ages, but rather to 1841. Discovering Dallas can be easily done in one day. Read our city review about Dallas!

When we strolled around in the area around the Omni Hotel Dallas the first evening we arrived, we declared Dallas being a ghost town as we met absolutely no one. Nobody.

Pioneer Plaza Dallas

The next morning, we started discovering Dallas. But first of all, we were able to see the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge from our hotel.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Dallas

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Dallas Dusk

Having finished admiring that, we moved on to the Pioneer Plaza Dallas.

What’s so special about the Pioneer Plaza is that it features the biggest artificial bull herd. Definitely impressive and worth seeing. When going on there, you will surely also see the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas

City Hall Dallas

Usually, a city hall is not of any special importance to tourists.

City Hall Dallas

However, Dallas’ City Hall is definitely a highlight when it comes to architecture looking like an upside-down pyramid.

Downtown Dallas

Slowly but steady, we reached Dallas downtown. Huge streets surrounded by skyscrapers.

Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas

I don’t know whether I liked that feeling of being so small or not. Moving on, we strolled around a bit in the Arts District of Dallas and the park of the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Red Old Museum Dallas

Although the Red Old Museum Dallas looks like it would date back to the Medieval Ages due to its type of architecture, it is actually not any older than the city of Dallas itself.

Old Red Museum Dallas

However, it is still worth seeing and if you have a bit more of time, it might also be worth it paying the museum a visit itself and learn more about Dallas County History and Culture!

JFK Memorial Plaza Dallas

Simply designed to commemorate John F. Kennedy. As the president was assassinated in Dallas, a monument was erected in 1970.

JFK Memorial Plaza Dallas

Take a breath there and remember.



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