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Hotel Molitor Paris is a member of the MGallery Collection by Accor and though comes with an absolutely unique design. The luxury hotel might not have the ideal location for exploring Paris, but is definitely one of the most special hotels in the city. Personally, I’d immediately return to Hotel Molitor Paris. Read why in our extensive hotel review!

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Hotel Molitor Paris is located in the Southwest of Paris very close to Roland Garros and the Parc des Princes, stadium of Paris St. Germain.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: March

Yet, the luxury hotel is not only an interesting option if you are attending a sports event, but also if you are looking for a unique property in Paris.

Hotel Molitor Paris Exterior

Hotel Molitor doesn’t look very big from the outside

The next metro station is a five-minute walk, which means that you can easily reach the city center in less than 25 minutes if you are in Paris for sightseeing.

I’d recommend Hotel Molitor Paris especially for those, who don’t want a hotel like any else as the hotel is special upon you are seeing it from the outside.

Hotel Molitor Paris Elevators

The focus on art and design makes the property unique

It continues with entering the lobby, where you’ll not only find a nice selection of different colors, but also a historic sports car!

Junior Suite at Hotel Molitor Paris

Molitor is the name of the oldest bath in Paris and that’s exactly what Hotel Molitor Paris is today. The rooms are built upon the old bath and most offer views of the courtyard, where you can find the ultra-large outdoor pool.

Hotel Molitor Paris Junior Suite

Junior Suite at Hotel Molitor Paris

Due to the historic character of the building, even the modern and stylish guest rooms are relatively small. That’s also true for the Junior Suite we were assigned at Hotel Molitor Paris.

Hotel Molitor Paris Junior Suite

The Junior Suite is not large, but very cozy


Upon entering, there is the bathroom to the right and the wardrobe to the left. Following is the main room, which comes with a large bed, two bedside tables, a comfortable armchair as well as a working desk with another chair.

What’s especially cool about the Junior Suite we were assigned is the round window facing the indoor pool as well as the roof windows, which made the room extremely bright.

Hotel Molitor Paris Pool

The Junior Suite comes with a view of the outdoor pool

Something else worth mentioning is the very sleek and stylish design with cool lamps and a nice selection of colors.

Bathroom of the Junior Suite

It’s seldom that I’m impressed by a very small room. Yet, this hotel review doesn’t really do my “hate” for small rooms justice as I even liked the very small bathroom.

Hotel Molitor Paris Junior Suite

The bathroom of the Junior Suite is very functional

While there was no window or anything, the sleek design also made the large rain shower and the single sink adorable.

Another nice feature of the Junior Suite we were assigned at Hotel Molitor Paris is the separated toilet, which definitely adds comfort if you are staying with another person.

Relaxation at Hotel Molitor Paris

Staying at Hotel Molitor Paris you definitely don’t only pay for the room, but rather for a whole relaxation experience.

Hotel Molitor Paris Pool

Indoor Pool at Hotel Molitor Paris

While I’ve reviewed many luxury hotels, among these was Le Bristol Paris, I’ve rarely seen such amazing relaxation facilities at any property before.

Hotel Molitor Paris offers an ultra-large heated outdoor pool (which sadly was closed due to cleaning works during our stay), an indoor pool, which is at least as large, two large steam baths and two saunas (one for men and one for women each).

All of the facilities are extremely well designed, well taken care of and got quite a modern and stylish touch. You definitely won’t feel like you are at a city hotel when staying at Hotel Molitor Paris!

The gym of the luxury hotel is also among the coolest fitness facilities I’ve ever encountered. It is not only big, but the design makes it rather feel like a living room than a gym.

The machines are among the newest available and the additional amenities including dried fruits, magazines, newspapers and water make spending time in the gym very enjoyable.

Dinner at Hotel Molitor Paris

As it’s the norm for hotels in Paris, the prices for food at Hotel Molitor are relatively high. However, there are some sweet spots. For example, we went for the pasta of the day with a creamy sauce and mushrooms, which were just a little more than 10 Euro per portion.

Hotel Molitor Paris Dinner

The pasta we had for dinner was very good

Not only was the presentation extremely nice, but the noodles also tasted very good. When it comes to value for the money, it might have actually been one of the best room service meals I ever enjoyed!

Hotel Molitor Paris Welcome Drinks

When having a welcome drink voucher, you can choose any drink you like

We also had our Welcome Drink at the bar and were offered two very good cocktails by a friendly server!

Breakfast at Hotel Molitor Paris

I’m not really expecting a lot when it comes to breakfast in France. Many hotels just offer a very basic selection. Hotel Molitor Paris instead offers a decent buffet, which might not offer the biggest choice, but comes with a very high quality.

Hotel Molitor Paris Breakfast

Breakfast at Hotel Molitor Paris is very enjoyable

It’s also cool that the different buffet areas are somewhat spread throughout the restaurant and look kind of natural in the whole atmosphere.

You’ll generally find everything from cold cuts, fish, cheeses, yoghurts, muesli and several fresh fruits to some hot dishes on the buffet. Yet, that’s not everything as Hotel Molitor Paris also offers complimentary freshly prepared egg dishes.

Hotel Molitor Paris Breakfast

The freshly prepared Eggs Benedict were very good

I opted for some Eggs Benedict, which were very good as well.

Bottom line Hotel Molitor Paris

I find Paris to be extremely overpriced and generally don’t enjoy overpaying. That’s why I was not really happy about my stay at Hotel Bristol Paris the last time I was in the city. However, Hotel Molitor Paris made me kind of love Paris for its hotels again. The service was friendly at all times, the design of the property is truly amazing, the whole flair is totally special and the relaxation facilities are incredible for a city hotel.

Hotel Molitor Paris Gym

The great relexation facilities alone make Hotel Molitor Paris a great pick

While the food is expensive, the quality has been top-notch at dinner and at breakfast. The only real downside of staying at Hotel Molitor Paris is the location a little further away from the city center than most luxury hotels in Paris. Nevertheless, I’d definitely return to Hotel Molitor as the property, while expensive, offers a stunning experience in Paris!

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