Lounge Review: CPH Apartment

CPH Apartment is one of several lounges at Copenhagen Airport. In the past, we’ve already reviewed the SAS Business Lounge Copenhagen. While I generally don’t expect too much of third party lounges, I actually found CPH Apartment to be not only very good, but also superior to the SAS Lounge. If you have the chance to visit the lounge, you should definitely check it out!

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When it comes to lounge reviews in Europe, you’ll rarely find myself writing too positive about third party lounges. There are some good lounges operated by airlines like the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt, the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt or the British Airways First Class Lounge London, but there are only few lounges operated by third party operators, which are really good.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Seating

The CPH Apartment really stands out for a third party lounge

There are some remarkable exceptions like the Business Lounge Riga or the Menzies Lounge Stockholm, but none is as good as CPH Apartment, which can find in the middle of the terminal on the first floor!

Seating in the CPH Apartment

The name CPH Apartment definitely does the lounge justice as CPH Apartment indeed feels like an apartment. The whole design makes you find of feel home and welcome in the lounge.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Seating

There are several different seating areas in the CPH Apartment

While the lounge is not very big, there is diverse seating. Upon entering, there is a small area with computers to the left and a choice of newspapers and magazines to the right.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Seating

The comfortable chairs by the window are especially great

When passing the buffet, you’ll find the main area of the lounge, where you can find dining tables, another working area and some high-top seating on a large table.

CPH Apartment is very modern and also comes with quite a nice design and some nice touches like special lamps, paintings and models of airplanes.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Seating

The design and decoration of the CPH Apartment are outstanding

There’s also another area of CPH Apartment right next to the windows, which you can access via stairs. There’s some relaxed lounge seating with a very private atmosphere.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen View

The view of the tarmac is also great

Overall, I found the seating in the CPH Apartment to be truly amazing as you don’t really feel like spending time in an airport lounge, but rather a nice communal working place!

Buffet of the CPH Apartment

Where the CPH Apartment falls short by a little bit is the buffet. The buffet area itself is not very big and the choice is definitely nothing to write home.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Seating

The buffet only comes only with soup and meatballs as hot options

There are some cold options including salmon, cheese and some veggies as well as a soup, a few pieces of cake, some fruits salad and also mixed nuts. Throughout the lounge, you can also find some whole fruits.

What the CPH Apartment also offers are a selection of bread and meatballs, which are replenished from time to time. The selection of drinks at the CPH Apartment including some average wines and a machine for soft drinks as well as a selection of a few juices is also subpar.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Buffet

The cold buffet comes with quality items

Nevertheless, the quality of the options on the buffet at CPH Apartment, at least when it comes to the food, was decent.

Entertainment in the CPH Apartment

There are actually three things concerning entertainment, which I focus on when it comes to lounge reviews: internet, newspapers and magazines as well as televisions.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Magazines

There is a decent choice of newspapers and magazines available in the CPH Apartment

The CPH Apartment comes with all these basic features and offers a rich selection of Nordic and international newspapers and also a few magazines.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Newspapers

There are also several international papers available

There’s also a television showing news channels (there’s no need for more as the CPH Apartment is relatively small) and you can also browse the internet with a very good speed.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Computer

You can also make use of the iMac in the lounge

Last but not least, there are also two computers, which you can use if you don’t have your device with you.

Overall impression of CPH Apartment

Airport lounges in Europe tend to be average at best and there are some remarkable exceptions, which I’d include CPH Apartment in. While the buffet selection definitely is average at best, the lounge is great in all other areas.

CPH Apartment Copenhagen Washrooms

CPH Apartment only falls short when it comes to the washrooms

The entertainment options are plentiful and the seating is not only comfortable, but the atmosphere is also very nice. This combined with a great view of the tarmac and a generally very bright lounge makes CPH Apartment a great place to spend time – and that’s basically the most important thing about an airport lounge for me!


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