Lounge Review: Air India Lounge Delhi International

The Air India Lounge Delhi is one of four Star Alliance Lounges at the airport. While there is also a domestic lounge, this review features the international Air India Lounge Delhi. The lounge itself looks quite nice, but the buffet is relatively lackluster for an international lounge.

Even though we were actually flying domestic in Air India’s regional Economy, our flight to Bengaluru was checked-in at the international terminal. This also meant that we had the option to choose between the Lufthansa Lounge Delhi, the Singapore Airlines Lounge Delhi and the Air India Lounge Delhi.

Air India Lounge Entrance

Entrance of the Air India Lounge Delhi

Yet, due to the departure in the afternoon, the Air India Lounge was the only lounge open. However, this was not too big of a problem as the lounge looked quite nice at first sight.

Seating in the Air India Lounge Delhi                        

When it comes to Air India, you generally hear a lot of horror stories. Upon entering the Air India Lounge Delhi, I couldn’t confirm any of these.

Air India Lounge Delhi Seating

The Air India Lounge Delhi defintiely doesn’t look bad at first sight

The lounge definitely was renovated lately and comes with a fresh and modern design. The lounge is relatively large and easily fits 200 people. In the Air India Lounge Delhi, you can find several different seating areas, which mostly come with lounge style seating.

Air India Lounge Delhi Seating

The seating areas are very well designed

While some armchairs come with only small side tables, there are also some areas where you can find real tables. Nevertheless, I kind of missed a real dining or working area with normal tables.

Nevertheless, the Air India Lounge Delhi is relatively bright and comfortable even though it neither has a view of the tarmac nor the terminal. I also liked the design, which was a nice mix of contemporary and modern.

Air India Lounge Delhi Plugs

There are international plugs everywhere in the lounge

There’s definitely nothing bad to say about the Air India Lounge Delhi when it comes to the seating!

Food in the Air India Lounge Delhi

The buffet area at the Air India Lounge Delhi is large. There is space for several hot and cold options. However, the choice was slightly limited when we visited the lounge.

Air India Lounge Delhi Buffet

The choice at the buffet was quite weak for an international lounge

At first, there were just a self-service salad station, a soup and some snack items available. Later on, two hot dishes (chicken and chickpea curry) with rice and vegetables were brought to the buffet.

The quality of the food was okay, but definitely nothing to write home about. When it comes to drinks in the Air India Lounge Delhi, it’s worth mentioning that there are self-service fridges with soft drinks and beer and a bar where you can order other drinks.

Air India Lounge Delhi Bar

The Air India Lounge Delhi comes with a bar, but this one is not staffed at most times

Yet, the bar was not staffed during we visited the lounge.

Entertainment in the Air India Lounge Delhi

Air India offers its passengers a decent choice of entertainment options in its flagship lounge in Delhi. You can expect to find a choice of many Indian and a few international newspapers and magazines in the Air India Lounge Delhi.

Moreover, there are three computers, which you can use free of charge. Other than that, there are also several televisions in the lounge and you can use the free Wi-Fi.

Air India Lounge Delhi Business Center

The Air India Lounge Delhi also comes with a few computers

However, be aware that you need a so-called “scratch card” to use the Wi-Fi. You can get one at the reception free of charge. The speed of the internet was totally fine, but again not great by any means.

Bottom line Air India Lounge Delhi

It’s worth mentioning that there’s also a First Class section of the Air India Lounge Delhi, which Ben from OMAAT reviewed a few months ago. Nevertheless, there’s not too much of a difference between the two lounges, which both come with modern and stylish seating and the same buffet area. Sadly, the latter is a little disappointing compared to the besides very nice lounge.

What’s extremly nice as well are the modern washrooms, which are among the best I’ve spotted in lounges so far! I didn’t expect much of the Air India Lounge Delhi, but I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was not very accommodating though. Nevertheless, I’d definitely return to the Air India Lounge Delhi!

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  2. Have flown with many airlines, and a plat member. However looking at the Air India First and Business class lounge I am very disappointed. Being an Anglo Indian and travelled a lot for business I must say India leaves me annoyed with what it has to offer.

    Kevin R. Jackson
    B E Mech Eng

    • I found the location to be quite okay (for what it is) to be honest. I’ve been to airline lounges (in Europa and the US), which were way worse than the Air India Lounge in Delhi 😉

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