Stadhuis Antwerp

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of checking out beautiful Antwerp! Here are some impressions, which will instantly make you want to go!

Hetsteen Antwerp

Stay tuned for our extensive review of the city!

8 Comments on “Antwerp

  1. Antwerp is my fave city in Belgium and one of my fave visits ever. I hope you got to see “The Most Beautiful Train Station in the World” while you were there!

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    • I was actually arriving by train! Just wow! The station so beautiful from the inside and the outside. I especially fell in love with the idea to convert the historic train station into a ultra-modern one without losing the historic touch!

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      • It’s a beauty! My friend from Antwerp told me they are very proud of it and always refer to it as the “Most Beautiful Train Station in the World.” Glad you got to see it 🙂

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      • It’s at least the most beautiful one I’ve seen so far! (Yet, there’s also a beautiful one in Mumbai in India!)

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  2. I live near Antwerp and we often go there just to have some drinks at night or to have a stroll around the historic city, het Eilandje, Zuid, Dageraadplaats,… we just love this city! Looking forward to more reviews 🙂


    • There are many reasons to do so! I found the city to be especially great for just strolling around as the city center is pretty much car free! Definitely a city I’d love to return to 🙂

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