Airline Review: Avianca Brazil

Avianca Brazil is the fourth largest airline in Brazil and mainly operates regional flights. The airline got part of Star Alliance in 2015 and operates relatively independent from its namesake Avianca. While TAM definitely dominates the market in Brazil, I was looking forward to reviewing Avianca Brazil. Read whether you should try Avianca Brazil yourself in our airline review!

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Flying Avianca Brazil was something I was really hoping to make possible. Luckily, I found a good fare for the flight from Sao Paulo to Florianopolis and instantly took the opportunity.

  • Airplane: Airbus A320
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 32 Inch (81 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17.8 Inch (45 Centimeter)

Avianca Brazil operates from the same domestic terminal as all other airlines, so there’s no difference. Yet, you should be aware that there are no Star Alliance Gold benefits besides priority boarding as there are no domestic lounges in Brazil and there’s also no Fast Lane.

Avianca Brazil Seating

Configuration of the Avianca Brazil A320

Avianca Brazil, as TAM, only offers Economy Class and no First or Business Class on its flights.

Seating in the Avianca Brazil A319

The flight from Sao Paulo to Florianopolis was operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft, the second smallest in the fleet of Avianca Brazil.

Avianca Brazil Seating

The leather seats don’t look very modern, but are quite comfortable

The plane comes with the typical 3-3 configuration, which you’ll most likely know from other airlines. The leather seats are grey and got a very comfortable headrest.

Generally, the seat comfort is very good as the seats got a decent upholstery. The seat pitch of Avianca Brazil is also more than decent, while the seat width is the same as with most other airlines I’ve reviewed past.

Avianca Brazil Seating

The seat pitch flying Avianca Brazil is decent

While there’s nothing to rave about when it comes to seating in Economy Class, I still found the seating in the Avianca Brazil Airbus A319 very comfortable.

Catering when flying Avianca Brazil

If you are flying with Avianca Brazil, you are served a snack regardless of the length of the flight.

Avianca Brazil Catering

The catering was quite good for such a short flight

Even on the extremely short flight from Sao Paulo to Florianopolis we were getting a hot sandwich, which was very tasty. However, it’s worth mentioning that there is no vegetarian option.

Avianca Brazil Catering

The sandwich was very tasty

The only sandwich available was filled with ham and cheese. Together with the sandwich you are offered a choice of soft drinks. There’s no alcohol available on any Avianca Brazil flight.

Entertainment when flying Avianca Brazil

What I found truly amazing about Avianca Brazil is the fact that the modern planes come with a modern In-Flight-Entertainment system, which is fully operational regardless of the length of the flight.

Avianca Brazil Seating

I was amazed by the fully functional IFE

What’s especially great is the fact that the system can be used from boarding till de-boarding. The IFE does not only come with a modern and large screen, but also an amazing choice.

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There are several movies and series available, all in Spanish and English. Especially for short flights, there’s a great choice of different comedy series.

Moreover, there’s also a nice board magazine in case you don’t want to watch TV.

Bottom line Avianca Brazil

I’m a huge fan of oneworld, which is why I booked most of my flights in Brazil with TAM. To be honest, this was a mistake. Avianca Brazil definitely is the better choice as both the food and the entertainment are superior.

Avianca Brazil Washrooms

The washrooms are in a good condition as well

Especially the modern entertainment system is something I have to stress extremely positive in this airline review. Also, the seating is comfortable and the staff is friendly. As soon as I return to Brazil, Avianca Brazil will definitely be my first choice!

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