Transportation in Warsaw

Transportation in Warsaw is relatively cheap and convenient. There are several ways to get around. The public transportation network is well developed and consists of four SKM lines, a metro with two lines, several tram lines and dozens of bus lines. You may also call an Uber or taxis in Warsaw as both are not very expensive, especially compared to other capitals in Europe.

Normally, transportation in larger cities is either very good or relatively cheap. Warsaw is one of the few cities where transportation is both quite affordable and very well developed. That’s especially true as there are two modern metro lines and four SKM lines, which make getting around easy and quick. Connected with the metro are several tram lines, which get you pretty much everywhere around the city.

Train Review EIP First Class

There are a few high speed trains in Poland as well

If you can’t reach your destination by tram, there’s at least one bus line, which will get you to your destination easily! Also, Warsaw has three large train stations from which you cannot only reach all destinations in Poland, but also international destinations like Berlin, Minsk, Moscow or Prague.

Fast City Rail in Warsaw

Warsaw has four so-called Szybka Kolej Miejska (English: Fast City Rail) lines. The Warsaw SKM is a relatively new system with modern and very comfortable trains. It is planned that the network consists of a full ten lines in the future. As of now, there are only four lines, S1, S2, S3 and S9. All lines stop at Warsaw Zachodnia and Warsaw Wschodnia.

Commuter Train Warsaw

You can board all SKM trains at the Central Station

Moreover, all lines are also either stopping at Warsaw Sródmiescie or Warsaw Central Station (both are connected with each other). Lines S2 and S3 connect Warsaw Chopin Airport with the city center. The prices for the SKM are integrated in the same fare system, which will be explained in the bus section of this transportation guide.

All lines of the Warsaw SKM:

  • S1: Otwock – Pruszków
  • S2: Warsaw Chopin Airport – Sulejówek
  • S3: Warsaw Chopin Airport – Legionowo
  • S4: Warszawa Gdanska – Legionowo

Metro in Warsaw

The metro in Warsaw consisted of just a single line since 2015. At this point, the second metro line, which is called M2 opened. Beforehand, there was just one metro line from the South of the city to the North. The second metro line is way shorter and connects the city center with the East of Warsaw on the other side of the river.

Warsaw Metro

The metro in Warsaw is quite modern and very convenient

There are plans to expand the second line immensely to the West and with two arms to the East. The metro in Warsaw is very modern and operates extremely frequent. The fare system is combined with all other means of transport. While there are several exchange stations with tram and bus lines, there’s just a single exchange station between the two metro lines, which is Swietokrzyska in the city center.

All metro lines in Warsaw:

  • M1: Kabaty – Swietokrzyska – Mlociny
  • M2: Rondo Daszynskiego – Swietokrzyska – Dworzec Wilénski

Trams in Warsaw

Warsaw has one of the most extensive tram networks in whole Europe. As of now, there are more than 750 cars and 27 regular lines. During the day, most lines are served relatively often, which makes using the trams very comfortable and easy.

Tram Warsaw

Trams are the most important means of transport to get around in Warsaw

There are dozens of exchange stations between trams and buses and also several exchange stations between the metro and the tram. The trams are also part of the integrated fare system in Warsaw. Be aware that not all trams in Warsaw are fully accessible, which might be a problem for some passengers.

Most important tram lines in Warsaw:

  • Line 1: Annopol – Banacha
  • Line 9: Goclawek – P+R Aleja Krakowska
  • Line 17: Tarchomin Koscielny – Sluzeiwec
  • Line 24: Goclawek – Nowe Bemowo

Buses in Warsaw

In addition to trams and the metro, Warsaw also has a very extensive bus network, which consists of several modern, but also a few old buses. The buses mainly operate in those parts of the city, which are not or only partly served by either the metro or the trams. The integrated fare system of Warsaw allows to buy several kinds of time tickets.

Bus Warsaw

Buses are not bad for getting around in Warsaw as well

The cheapest option is a 20-minute ticket, which comes with a charge of 3.40 PLN (~ 0.8 Euro / 0.9 US-Dollar). There are also 75- (1 Zone) and 90-minute (2 Zones) tickets, which cost 4.40 PLN (~ 1 Euro / 1.15 US-Dollar) and 7 PLN (~ 1.60 Euro / 1.85 US-Dollar) respectively. Day tickets are available for 15 PLN (~ 3.50 Euro / 4 US-Dollar) for Zone 1 and for 26 PLN (~ 6 Euro / 7 US-Dollar) for Zone 1 and 2.

Taxis in Warsaw

Taxis are also a good and comfortable way to get around in Warsaw. The prices are relatively low compared to other cities in Europe. The usual base fare generally is 8 PLN (~ 1.85 Euro / 2.10 US-Dollar), while every kilometer is charged 2.20 PLN (~ 0.5 Euro / 0.6 US-Dollar).

Taxi Warsaw

For Western European standards, taxis in Warsaw are relatively cheap

Rides from the airport to the city center cost between 50 and 70 PLN (~ 11.50 and 16 Euro / 13 and 18.50 US-Dollar) depending on your destination and the time of the day. Be aware that there are drivers who try to trick you into higher fares at the airport.

  • The base fare for taxis in Warsaw is 8 PLN (~ 1.85 Euro / 2.10 US-Dollar)
  • Every kilometer is charged 2.20 PLN (~ 0.5 Euro / 0.6 US-Dollar)
  • All taxis in Warsaw are metered

Other means of transport in Warsaw

As Warsaw is not overly touristic, there are not very many touristic means of transport. There are three touristic ferry lines, which you might take advantage of. Moreover, you’ll find some touristic options like a City Sightseeing Bus in the city center. Besides that, there’s also Uber in Warsaw, which is known as a very safe way to get around in the city. Uber in Warsaw is also a little less expensive than taxis in Warsaw.


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