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Radisson RED Brussels is the first member hotel of the newest brand by Radisson in the whole world. This alone was the reason for me to check out the hotel and see how the new brand looks like. While I’m not generally a fan of Radisson, I kind of enjoyed Radisson RED Brussels!

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My experiences at Radisson hotels were kind of mixed. Quite positive at Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth, relatively disappointing due to the weak service at Radisson Blu Sandton.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Studio
  • Month of Stay: June

As Radisson RED is a totally new brand, I decided to check out the hotel even though I’m currently living just a few steps away.

Radisson RED Brussels Exterior

Exterior of Radisson RED Brussels

Nevertheless, I didn’t regret staying at the property solely for the purpose of this hotel review as Radisson RED Brussels definitely is a very nice hotel!

The lobby alone looks impressive and comes with an ultra-modern design including lots of flat-screens, open check-in desks and even computers to be used by guests. The lighting is quite interesting as well.

The whole check-in process at Radisson RED Brussels was very friendly and even funny, which is definitely rare from my experience at Radisson hotels.

Studio at Radisson RED Brussels

Radisson RED Brussels comes without any normal rooms. Instead all rooms are called studios.

Radisson RED Brussels Studio

First view of the studio at Radisson Red Brussels

What might sound like all the rooms are spacious, they are actually really just normally sized. I had asked for a studio on a high floor and far away from the elevator. What I got was the studio in the corner of the highest floor, so my request was perfectly matched. After entering the studio, I instantly recognized the colorful and fresh design.

To the left, there was a large wardrobe and the big bed with two bedside tables. A few steps further to the right I found a large table with chairs and a bench. Around the corner was the bathroom. The dominating color is red (not very surprisingly) and art dominates the design.

Radisson RED Brussels Studio

The design of the studios at Radisson RED Brussels is really unique

While I personally liked the new and fresh design of Radisson RED Brussels, I’m sure it is not for everyone. The view from the seventh floor is decent, the windows are relatively good, blocking most noise. Also, I found the studio to be quite bright during the day, which is something I especially like.

Bathroom of the Studio

The bathroom of the studios at Radisson RED Brussels is relatively small. Upon entering, there is the sink to the left and the shower to the right. In the middle, there’s the toilet.

Radisson RED Brussels Studio

Bathroom of the studio at Radisson RED Brussels

While it might not be bigger than six square meters, I found the space to be used quite efficiently. Once again, everything is brand new. What’s also worth mentioning in this hotel review is that the rain shower is very spacious and works extremly well.

Sadly, there was no hot water on one morning, but the problem was solved quickly. Besides that I kind of liked the bathroom. Interestingly, the typical small bottles for toiletries you’ll usually find at Radisson Blu properties are gone at Radisson RED.

Radisson RED Brussels Studio

The toiletries are only available in large dispensers

Instead, there are large dispensers right in the shower. Also, there is neither a toothbrush cup nor something like cotton pads or body lotion. If you need any of those, you need to order them at reception.

Gym at Radisson RED Brussels

Radisson RED Brussels comes with a decent little gym in the basement. There are modern machines for both strength and cardio training.

Radisson RED Brussels Gym

Gym at Radisson RED Brussels

There are also a few free weights (up to 10 kilogramm). Sadly, there’s a lack of daylight, making working out at the gym not very comfortable.

Next to the gym, you can also find a tiny sauna, which is quite relaxing after a long day.

Radisson RED Brussels Sauna

Sauna at Radisson RED Brussels

However, the sauna might not offer real relaxation when there are more than two people in the area at the same time.

Dinner at Radisson RED Brussels

In the evening, I decided to have dinner with a friend at Radisson RED Brussels. Living in the city, I was surprised that I didn’t have to overpay for food and drinks.

In contrast, the prices were acutally quite fair for Brussels. We also enjoyed a little beer tasting, which was included in the rate.

Radisson RED Brussels Dinner

Hamburger at Radisson RED Brussels

What I find very cool at Radisson RED Brussels is that the menu features some items you’ll not find at other properties. The burger I ordered for example was quite special.

Overall, I found the value for the money to be very good. Something which is very rare at luxury hotels. What’s also worth mentioning in this review is that there is a pool table, which you can use free of charge!

Radisson RED Brussels Dinner

The Belgian beer tasting was quite cool as well

All in all, the whole design of the restaurant at Radisson RED is modern and casual, definitely rather aiming on young adults!

Breakfast at Radisson RED Brussels

One of the details of the new concept of Radisson RED is that breakfast is not served on a buffet. Instead, you can order breakfast a la carte and can either pick it up at the restaurant and eat at your room or eat it right at spot (the same option is available for all other meals as well).

Radisson RED Brussels Breakfast

The scrambled egg with salmon was amazing

It’s also worth noting that there are no rates with breakfast included at Radisson RED Brussels. I’m not sure how elites are treated in case they are entitled to free breakfast.

Radisson RED Brussels Breakfast

There are lots of fresh options on the menu

Anyway, I found the restaurant to be quite nice in the morning as well as the windows are big and you can start into the day with lots of daylight. The menu comes with an interesting choice of different options.

Radisson RED Brussels Breakfast

Even the bread basket looked very nice

There are also bundles available with the smallest starting with prices of 9.50 Euro. I opted for this bundle and got a hot drink (large cappuccino), a pastry (pain au chocolate) and a hot option of my choice (scrambled eggs with salmon).

Radisson RED Brussels Breakfast

That’s how a large cappuccino should look like

Especially as the portions were everything but small, I found the value for the money to be exceptional!

Bottom line Radisson RED Brussels

I’m not really sure about the target group of Radisson RED, but the concept definitely focuses on minimal interaction with staff. At Radisson RED Brussels, the staff was exceptionally friendly and highly motivated anyway, which really surprised me taking into account my bad experiences with Radisson.

Radisson RED Brussels Lobby

While I’m not a fan of Radisson per se, I was impressed by Radisson RED

Also, I liked the new and fresh design of the whole hotel, which definitely is differnet to most other brands on the market (you might compare it to aLoft or W by Starwood). The studios are a great place to hang out and the good bed makes you sleep well. The bathroom might be small, but is very functional. While I’m generally not into eating at hotels, I was kind of amazed by the restaurant concept at Radisson RED Brussels.

Radisson RED Brussels Studio

While the studios are decent, I especially found the dining concept at Radisson RED Brussels tempting

Both, dinner and breakfast were quite enjoyable. Plus, the prices are quite reasonable, which led me to heading to the Radisson RED Brussels for a drink from time to time. It doesn’t happen every time that I stay at hotels just for the sake of a review, but at Radisson RED Brussels I can safely say that I didn’t regret this decision! I’m truly looking forward to checking out more Radisson RED properties in the future!

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